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What's wrong with buyers?

I rarely use the Ranting Pot to vent out any frustration, but the last week on Fiverr took a toll on me. Here are some of the questions that I really wish to ask our seller community and how they are dealing with it?

  1. Why do sellers have a rating and feedback for buyers when it does not show up on their profile? Why are we denied an opportunity to politely refuse buyers based on their feedbacks (in the initial order stage)!

  2. Most sellers go an extra mile to clarify what they offer and they often highlight “Please contact me before you place your order”. We do that to let buyers know what is not on offer, but I guess $5 shows up on buyers end as "$1 Store - Get everything you want+sellers will fulfil your demands by all means+if not, hmmm…why not threaten them with bad reviews!

  3. I cancelled three consecutive orders on mutual cancellation grounds amounting to $50 just because they did not meet the gig requirement. I am sure one of them will be cancelled and I will be left to deal with a bad review. I may have to do some 30 or 50 odd orders and get positive ratings to make up for the loss (it could be more). My actual loss - I was late on two orders for regular clients :frowning:

  4. Some respected and reputed sellers say - do everything in your power to please the client and not get a bad review? I would like any of the sellers to conclude what have you done not to get a bad review and still have got one for no fault of yours?

  5. Last but not the least. I am here to serve like all of you. Get the job done regardless I get a review or not! However, I am not here to be taken for granted. And bad reviews are the last thing that linger on my mind now when I push the cancellation button.