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What's wrong with Fiverr... a week without support; edited gig away (Solved)

Two weeks ago, i edited my most selled gig and since then it doesn’t appear in search results.

In the panel page of submit a request, to see the live state of each gig, the auto generated message for this gig is “Looks like your Gig is active but needs further review from our side to appear in search results. Please contact us so we can check your Gig and help you out.”

In “contact us” there’s a link to the submit a ticket page, where i could explain the problem, something i did 10 days ago, and since then keep waiting for an answer from Fiverr.

I don’t know if Fiverr is having troubles with servers or something, is very strange too the analytics page error that has been there for weeks without a solution.

Is strange for a company that right now have the best stock exchange level of his history; i guess are the best times for them, but still they cannot even give a decent support to their sellers… i hope this a renew process or something…


Ugh what a pain.

They’re probably overloaded with inquiries right now. Many people have just become sellers because of COVID and are no-doubt inundating with inquiries about “ranking” their gig like sellers do here. Plus they’re probably getting many inquiries about the analytics error.


I contact them about 2-3 weeks ago and get fast reply. I do hope the gig impression back to normal.

Thanks for comment, i don’t know if to write here helps, but a few hours after this topic, i get the response from fiverr and the gig is active again. :slight_smile: