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What's wrong with Fiverr CS?

When I was level one or no level seller, I used to get my query answered in no more than 2 hours after issuing my complaint. But ever since I have been promoted to level 2, Fiverr Support is taking longer than ever to reply, even though level 2 sellers enjoy the benefits of ‘priority’ customer support.

Last week, I got a reply from them on the third day of contacting them, and right now I have been waiting for two days to hear back. From our end, buyers are already impatient, and when Fiverr Support also takes forever to respond, it becomes a mess and things get really frustrated. Really disappointed lately with H&S department.

Has anyone of you also noticed this delay in response time or is it just me?

You are not the only one, due to the Convi19 and the bug, there are not enough manpower to take care of everything in a short period of time. For time, longest it took it 10 days for them to reply me.

I also feel weird about this… L2 should be faster, maybe the TOP RATED BUYERS are flooding with tons of questions that’ why Level 2 need to wait haha


Others have mentioned the delay, too.

Because of the pandemic, everyone and their uncle joined the site, hoping to earn something. CS is receiving more requests than ever, and simply can’t respond to them all in a timely manner.

Also, there’s this bug that prevents the impressions, views and clicks from showing up, and even though it’s there for everyone, there are way too many sellers who believe they’re ruined and/or not receiving orders because they can’t see their metrics (nonsense, of course), and they keep pestering CS about it.


I naively thought that maybe they’d get less queries about this bug if they put a notice on their site… As the many forum posts on it show, that’s likely not happening.

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That’s hilarious!! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: