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What's wrong with fiverr ? less traffic ! no orders!

i don’t get orders since one week ? what’s wrong with fiverr ?
level 1 was really better than level 2, now i get less traffic and less orders !!

You are not alone in asking that question. For the last two weeks I have noticed that the orders have just stop coming in. Not even queries are coming in anymore. This is the worst I have seen it in over 1 year since I have been with this wonderful organization. I wish we could get some response from Fiverr on what is going on.

Freelancing is not consisting anywhere. Business ownership is not consistent either. It takes time to build a steady stream of income and when you do, a substantial portion has to be saved and invested for the dry times.

Nothing is wrong with Fiverr. It does not generate clientele. You can’t expect people to come to you, especially in your field. That’s like owning store and wondering why you’re not getting customers. Think logically. There are hot and cold periods. There are 1000’s of level 2’s, it’s not a badge of entitlement. You have to generate your own business. A few things play a part in consistent services:

  • Demand
  • Competition
  • Quality Service

It’s worth just looking at what you’re doing wrong, rather than asking what’s wrong with an external source that is making other people plenty of money. Besides, as a freelancer, you should know by now that sometimes there’s feast, other times there is famine. Make savings a priority for the slow times so you can enjoy a consistent quality of life.

I understand your situation and sympathize. You get used to a certain level of sales and income and then see it dip down for no good reason. This happens no matter what you do on the internet. Always. It never stays the same forever.

Fiverr rearranges everyone’s gigs all the time aside from a lucky few.

Good response misscrystal! Although you are giving almost quite the same answer as the other sellers who responded, the tone of your comments are commendable, keep it up.

This happens to me as well. No orders from last 16 days…


Passive aggressiveness, I luv it!

so do something about it instead of moaning on someone else’s thread.

I feel sympathy.

There’s always one throwing shade on my sunshine!

I don’t get orders since one month, and I’m still trying to get orders with sending offers to buyers.

Never give up as emmaki already mention you should work on Fixing it instead of complaining about it.

Yes, I am also having less traffic issues with my fiverr account. I don’t know my gig impressions are dropping and I can’t increase it and now a days its hard to get an order. But graphics designers are rocking!!!..Even some are making $1-2K a month from fiverr.

Join unofficial facebook group of fiverr ( https://■■■■■■/xc7t45 ) and start discussing with members / sellers / buyers.


This happens to me as well. No orders from last few days…

This Happen me too …! I’m not getting New Order with New Buyers Only existing Customers :frowning:

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the new promoted gigs. Fiverr is letting some people give up bigger cuts of their revenue to get better advertising on the site. I’m pretty irked about it, since I just started here yesterday and it looks like I might be coming in right when the site starts its greedy decline.