What's WRONG with Fiverr now?


We are hearing & suffering a lot of problems with Fiverr since the site did some maintenance / changes a week ago. Everyone is unhappy and worried about the problems they face. Some has the problem with profile pic, some has the problem with withdrawals, some has problem with charging 40% of money (4$ from 10$), and a lot of other problems. Almost everyone tried to contact CS but no action or response.
What do you think is the disease come from?
It would be great if you share some useful solutions below.


I’m also suffering some problems by today morning, It’s not showing the order count down, cannot deliver orders and cannot see the old messages.


I hate to say this, but there is no solution on the forum. These issues can only be solved by CS or time. I know CS is probably being overwhelmed with requests so it may take some time to get a solution.

If I was having more than one problem, I would narrow it down to the one problem that is most important and focus on that. Once solved, go to next problem and so on.

Good Luck