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What's wrong with Fiverr System?

Really !! Ratings and Numbers of projects you handled doesn’t matter anything. All that matters is Project delivered Time and response rate.:scream: Isn’t that frustrating?

Are you all in favor of the new system? After giving so much time and efforts to the Fiverr still i am on level one and the who handled less projects then me and have less ratings are on level 2. I don’t understand how the number of projects i handled and the ratings does not matter anything to the Fiverr. It is just the ontime delivered projects and response rate that all matters. This whole concept is beyond my understanding,

From the past degradation of my level i have not delivered any late projects from almost one month but still the rating remains the same…I don’t know why it is not getting improved from past one month when i have not delivered any late projects, also degradation in ratings counts every single project then why the up-gradations is not happening after delivered on-time projects on this month?

I always appreciated Fiverr policies from the time i have joined but this time it is heartbreaking. I don’t know because of my degradation i am having less buyer’s request or everyone is not getting enough requests after the new Fiverr policies?

I don’t know whats wrong with Fiverr? Please help me understand where i am getting it wrong?


I think sometime it takes little more time but you will get on level 2 eventually.

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The evaluation system has its flaws and there are plenty of posts about it. However, I think the # of completed orders is not one of the issues. There are thresholds in place. In order to get to level 2 you need to deliver at least 50 orders. That’s more than enough.

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Yeah i know but the thing is… this is not how the system should work! Also i feel less scope in buyer’s request these days…i am not having enough request for my zone so what’s the whole point of being so strict towards the sellers?


No, its is because of delivery time as specified particularly by Fiverr…I have been working as a level 2 seller and have completed more than 50 orders a long time ago… The key Factors which attracted me the most towards the fiverr when i have joined it, have vanished.:expressionless:

Delivery time is on you. If you can’t deliver on time then ask for an extension.
It’s something you need to work out with the buyer and personally I don’t see a flaw in that metric.

It doesn’t matter how many orders you have completed. If you can’t deliver on time then this will affect your level.


By the way, how about when a buyer requested a revision request?
Does it effect for the on-time delivery too? because the order will be showing as “LATE”.

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Nope, it doesn’t affect on-time delivery. You can ignore that late message.


Are you 100% sure that? I have a doubt about it.
By the way this is from CS, can you explain this please?

“Your Delivered On Time statistic is the percentage of your orders within the past 60 days that you delivered on time. Please keep in mind that this statistic measures when you send your final delivery message. Any modification requests from the buyer will extend the delivery time measured in this statistic.”

Yes. I have 1.5 years of personal experience and probably 100+ posts in this forum. They might change it at some point, but this is how it works right now. My delivery % has never been below 100% and all my revisions go to so called Late status. Do a quick search on this forum :wink:

Most answers you get from CS are templates :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh!! Its clear now. Thank you so much for your reply.

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We the sellers understand this metrics but the buyer does not understand. They dont even know about all this. Previous month the buyer order in bulk many order and all having less delivery time. I asked for extensions but some orders got affected.

My only issue with this new system is my experience here does not matters anything. Fiverr have nothing to do with how much order i have completed with almost 5 star rating.

I Think Less Buyers request is because of i have to delete some of my gigs as i cant have more gigs being on level one…All thanks to the new policies

@hi5_fiverYes…I think it affects ontime delivery. I am not sure but it affected my profile.

Let me be clear that i am not saying this is wrong to mark order as late…all i need to say is it must not have that much impact on the profile that its level drop down and have having enough buyers requests then,


That’s how it should work. You can deliver 1000 orders, but if I’m your last customer and you delivery my order late then I don’t care about your 1000 orders. I care only about my order.
Past orders will not give you immunity to delivery late orders.

If you’re late, talk to your buyer. If they agree to extend it then great if not then it’s on you. Increase your delivery times, outsource or do whatever necessary to hit the deadlines.


Oh my god… Its a difference explanation from “uxreview” comment.
So which is the correct one?

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Yes i got your point. But that would be fine if was dealing directly with my buyer …like if i was not been able to deliver him the project on time and he will not contact me after that for any project. But here Fiverr cant judge me on one buyer delayed projects. If i was working on some company will they degrade me based on my one month bad performance and not consider my 6 years of good experience with them? There must be some warnings or dropping in my gigs views something as an outcome but dropping my level is not fair for me.

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:rofl: I don’t have time to argue and there’s no need for it either.
There are plenty of posts if you don’t believe me. Go through them.

You can start with these - answer from CS (there is no time limit on revisions requested after delivery)
My longest revision was 1.5 months and my delivery time is still 100%


Ok…Thanks for your feedbacks…i appreciate your help! .:slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!!!

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No worries, @uxreview is correct. That has been my experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have seen people fired for this very reason, :confused: Businesses only care about their bottom line, and if someone is not contributing then they get the :boot:.


Not Fair…That’s all i can say… :frowning: