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What's wrong with fiverr?



when i log into Logo Design category i find many wrong results like album cover , app icon and something like that

whats wrong?




Qns: does it only occur on devices and gadgets such as ipad or android tablet and it os fine when I r using PC or MAC?


**it is fine when U r using PC or MAC? My bad. Auto corrected by mobile phone.


Reply to @heamzadesign: I believe I compared it to a logo and never said it was in the correct category, only that it’s not too far off. I am a bit surprised that there is no button on here though to notify of incorrectly categorised gigs. They could do it where it notifies the seller first, gives them a few days to correct the category and then it goes through to Fiverr support.

I will link to this one for an example, this one is correctly categorised, but one second of scanning it shows how it could have potentially ended up in the logo design category.

The sixth root level bullet point explains that it’s not a logo, the Fiver script basically runs like a search engine bot when giving it a category and would have probably put this one in logo design category by default. This is because the auto script will pick up keywords and dismiss the context the keyword is used. It’s then the sellers responsibility to manage this, which means if needs be, putting it in the correct category.


Reply to @philtabest: im sorry but tge cover isnt a logo … A logo is a brand and nothing else when i search for a logo i should see just logo …


Reply to @adsensewizard: There isn’t, but you’re not too far off, it’s book cover and packaging. I think it will just say somewhere logo in the advert or have some kind of keyword that would have made Fiverr believe that’s the correct catergory.


I noticed that too, it’s quite frustrating, I can see how logos and album covers do go hand in hand though. After all, an album cover is basically a logo for a band, so it’s not out of place too much. I think what it is, when people setup a gig, Fiver automatically chooses the catergory, you can manually change it, but I think the majority of people don’t do that.


Maybe there isn’t album cover or app icon categories, so logo design would be the most fitting category? Although I’m pretty sure there was a category for covers.


Reply to @apbiz_: on pc/mac version