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What's wrong with me!?


I’m a level 1 seller but I don’t know why last 25 days I didn’t get any order
:confounded:? can anyone tell me that what to do now? I’m scared :sweat:


Your scared? I can’t even find myself on here, even when I search my name.I just don’t exist.


May be it is just because of the Christmas Season & year ending. I usually face low sales on December


I can’t search your name. May be you should contact CS about this issue


You don’t find people by searching their name, you find them by writing fiverr dot com / their name

Or you can click on their name and see if they have uploaded their link. I have, not everyone does.


I can see you by just typing your username on search bar. :grinning:


You’re right, as soon as I posted my comment, I searched myself, found myself, didn’t know it was possible.

However, since not everyone knows that, I advice you to put your link under your name. An order can come from the forum, you never know.


Yes. Good idea. I never though that clients can come through forum :grinning:


ajmaintazwar here fiverr and keep patient I think you will success a time




It’s Christmas. Over here, we’ve all but shut down for the holidays already. I’ve been eating mince pies since about September in preparation - that might just be me though. :wink:

Things should get back to ‘normal’ about the end of the first week of January or so.


My method is faster, all you do is click on my name, and you’ll my gigs website. No searching, no copying and pasting.


:hushed::slightly_smiling_face::thinking: ok i see


Great job :smiley: @fastcopywriter