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What's wrong with my account Fiverr?

I am consistently getting orders and replying instantly because I have turned on mobile notification still it says I have 67% response when it was 99% yesterday and 8 hours response time even when I response instantly


Please read:

Should be helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks I have read that but it isn’t helpful. Now my response rate is 50% even though I didn’t get any messages or orders since yesterday. What’s wrong with Fiverr???

Have you responded to all first-time messages within the last 30 days? Response time is tracked for 30 days. Perhaps there’s a message 10 or 15 days ago that you forgot to respond to.

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Try to contact with fiverr CS I hope they will solve your issue

I do or perhaps that’s the reason because like you said it calculates the rate for 30 days so maybe next month it’ll improve?

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