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Whats wrong with my buyer request?


So, Basically, thats what I get in my buyer request section! Can anyone tell me anything?


Some days there are many sellers advertising on Buyer Request when it is only for buyers looking to buy something. It is aggravating! I just hit the delete request and move on. More Buyer Requests appear later.


why cant we report them? thats a kind of spamming! as a member of fiverr, why dont we make it spam free?



Actually they are misusing Fiverr’s Buyer request services. You can skip them and send your buyer request to only genuine buyers who need help.



I think it’s upside down.


then whats fiverr doing to keep the place clean? I am really very interested to know!


Isn’t it interesting that all of them write the exact same way aside from the last one? :hushed:


may be they are watching the same tutorial! :joy:


There are so many new sellers on fiverr and they think to get buyers this can be an option. Fiverr is trying to make buyer request area clutter free but there are millions and millions of members here and it is become difficult for them to examine every single request.