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Whats wrong with my gig Plz

Hi Fiverr family.

I am new to fiverr. It will be your pleasure if you can see my gig and point out my mistakes because I am not receiving orders. So I will be glad to you If you visit my profile and see my gig weaknesses.



Welcome to the forum.

Generally, if you want people to give advice about your gigs, you need to include a link to them here so people can find them! :wink:

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Oh…Thank you so much cubittaudio… Its my mistake becauseI am new but I am editing and inserting the link…BTW thanks

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Hi, I think you need to improve your skills. Or at least change the examples of your work in the gallery. Having looked at your work, I cannot agree with you that you are a professional in this field. I think you should review your skills, form your style, review the price and the offer and come back here again.

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Unfortunately you are not a pro at this.

You need to work on your craft before you see any kind of action on your gig.

Just some friendly advice from someone who was also a novice when starting out years ago… :slight_smile:

Oh and by creating a gig title using adjectives to describe yourself and your service, is not a good look. Plus it hurts your SEO.

@kowseradnan Your gigs are not unique. Unless you have specific, useful advice to offer, do not just tell people to visit your gig. One might think you are just trying to get some clicks in.


Thanks for your good appreciation.

Don’t use Drop Shadow effect. It’s not 2007.


I think the new trend is gradient.

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We aren’t talking about trends however.

We are talking about how someone with no eye for design is offering a logo design service.

It’s OK to suck at first at designing.

Only by working on it do you get better.

Thinking you are a professional who can offer said service for money however, is not.

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Gradients have been back for a while, actually.

Either way, the second you feel the need to use all the effects expecting that it would elevate the design and make it more attractive, you need to consider offering different services.