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What's Wrong with my Gig-why there's no order still?


It’s been a while I’ve joined Fiverr and I have already posted 2 active gigs.My problem is they are getting more impressions and also clicks,but still not a single order.Can anyone please help me? I read the articles for TIPS here and did changes to my profile and to my gigs too.I really want to work.I am experienced,I have the talent and I desperately want to help someone with a project.It’s like nobody believes that I could do miracles.Please point me my mistakes

My gigs are
Wordpress Installation in 4 hours

Background Removal of 15 Images in 24 hours

P.S: There’s another 2 things I need to know.
1.How to give customer refund?
2.If I’m offering a gig for wordpress setup, what can I use as a bonus for the customer?(need suggestions)

Thank you very much for your precious time.

Best Regards,


please help me with this