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What's wrong with my gigs please help?

GIG 1:
GIG 2:
GIG 3:
GIG 4:
Please need help from brother and sisters. Thank you for your contribution into my gig.


I’d say, invest more in the tools that you use, upskill on website design and add SEO service to your packages. If you do these then you’ll be able to raise your prices and get high-paying customers.


can you be more specific about tools?

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Let’s say I’m a client who needs a website for a consulting business. Which themes & plugins would you use?
Try to sell me the full package, don’t leave anything out.

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I will give you my portfolio. I will show you some theme related with your requirements. I have bought some well rated premium theme and plugins. I will provide you. If you have anything more in your mind then tell me or provide me that theme.

Here’s why you won’t get a decent client with this offer

  1. You’re making an offer for a consulting business, yet you haven’t really mentioned it. You’re promising the world without even understanding the project and requirements.
  2. Premium plugin & theme. Which plugin, which theme? There are plenty of low quality premium themes. If you want to mention that you use premium solutions then name them.
  3. You’re offering lifetime support? How? Are you giving this support? If not, then who will provide this?
  4. Your 6th point is already talking about refunds. Why? If you’re good at what you do then why do you even need to mention a refund?
  5. Throw away the sample sites. Most of these don’t have a proper design, none of them are optimized for search engines and a lot of them are lacking in security & performance. I’m not trying to bash your work, just being honest. Create at least 1 truly perfect site that you have full control over.
  6. Don’t say that price is negotiable. You should know what your service is worth so you ask a fair price for it. You can negotiate if needed, but don’t promote it like it’s a selling point.
  7. Don’t call yourself an expert. Your clients will tell you if you’re an expert or not. Let your work do the talking.
  8. Don’t mention that you have multiple projects in progress even if you do. If I’m a client I don’t care who’s your client, I want you to focus on my work.

Your words are very much valuable for us. Thank you

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Brother thank you so much.