What's wrong with my gigs please?


this particular one especially http://fiverr.com/traffic200/add-25-comments-to-your-youtube-videos



I agree with kjblynx that you can do a lot more work with the description etc and promote your services in a much better way.

A very simple set of rules that a lot of Fiverr Gig owners could/should follow that is time honored and proven is the following in its absolute simplest form.

Who are you targeting?

What problem of theirs will your product solve?

What exactly is your product?

Answer the most obvious question they will have?

Gaurantee anything you can about your product/service?

Call for action they need to take to get the benefit of your product.

Leave a ps about not taking up your offer.

If you want to see how that looks on a real gig, just go to this one that I have set up with this format and ask yourself if that actually makes even yourself want to buy the gig.



Reply to @kjblynx: you killed it all. thank you. i love it. am always learning.