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What's wrong with my gigs

Hi there;
I’ve completed 17 days on fiverr but some of my gigs are on sixth page in total of 20 pages. How can I rank them upto the first page?

Also, I only got five orders in total out of which three were from a same buyer.
Need advise on how to advance my game.


you can follow this points if you like
1.Be active maximum time on Fiverr.
2.Marketing your gigs at social media platforms.
3.Send 10 buyer request daily. and do it continuously


Thanks a lot that was so helpful.

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Thank you so much for your advice


Fiverr have to give opportunity to newbies. Fiverr fluctuate gigs. Thats way may b your gig is on 6th page. Be concern about impressions try to keep it green, inshaallah your will gig ranked on front pages. Be patient…


Put good keyword on your gigs then your gig rank 1st page.

Optimize your gig’s keyword properly and put it on your title and description