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What's wrong with my offers


Since my start here on Fiverr i have sent a lot of offers to buyers who posted on buyers request and it seems like they’re not liking them… I mean what’s wrong with my offers; they are cheap and fast… Here is one of them:
Dear sir, i can help you translating your brochure; i am a native Arabic speaker from Tunisia and i am specialized in literature (French and English) and certificated from the Government in this field. I can also give you a special offer; i usually translate 2000 words for 5 dollars but in your case i can translate your 3000 words text with the same amount of money and unlimited revisions and a delivery in less than 24 hours Be sure that if you don’t like our service you will get your money back… Have a nice day !

And by the way i have never lied about something in my offers. do buyers think i’m a spammer or a liar ? or is it because i’m a Newbie ?
Please help improve my offers !


Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed sales here on Fiverr. If people are not responding to your Buyer Request offers, don’t assume it’s because something is wrong. Perhaps the competition is strong, and those customers are choosing to work with other sellers.

Don’t expect the Buyers Request section to be the source of your success. A good business figures out who their target customers are, and then goes out and markets/promotes to those target customers. What are YOU doing to bring in new customers outside of Fiverr?


the problem about promoting myself outside fiverr is that i don’t have friends or followers on my social media that are interested in services i offer here (tranlsation)…


I think that you will get some translation work if you just keep up with the buyer requests and perhaps add some additional gigs. You are new and you look young but you have some great experience in translation which is very valuable. I re-wrote your offer just to give you another example of how to approach some people. You can use it or not. It may fit some of the requests and may not be a fit for others, but I hope you find it helpful in some way. You may also want to make an “example” of your work that you can send to prospects. You would take a standard text in Arabic and translate it to English and French and vice versa. This way, potential customers can see before they hire you that you do a very good job translating.

Here is the text I wrote for you:
Dear Sir or Madam, I saw your buyer request and would like to offer my translation services. I am fluent in Arabic and have a literature degree with a focus on French and English languages so I am confident that I can translate your brochure quickly, correctly, and to your satisfaction. My offer includes translation of up to 3000 words from Arabic to English in less than 24 hours. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you. Sincerely, omarsebri


Your friends and personal acquaintances aren’t the ones who would be buying your services. You need to be connected to potential customers that need, or are looking for, what you offer. Promoting your gigs to friends on social media, or any other group of people is not going to make you successful. Target, reach, and promote to your potential customers. Always your target customers.


Do you have any ideas how can i reach them ?


dear Tracybarnhart, Thank you very much for your help…I will always be thankful


Your target customers are not the same as my target customers. You’re going to have to do some research and assessment, and find out the best ways to reach YOUR customers – and that could easy be through ways that I don’t use. Every customer base is different. There is no one way that works for every seller.