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What's wrong with my request?!

Description: "translate 500 words from mothertongue italian to english and from english to italian"
Denied. Why? What should I write in my announcement?

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I’ve had similar issues. Just re-word it and try it again.

Reword or rephrase the description, if still doesn’t work contact the support team.

If your gig was denied you should receive a notification with the reasoning as to why it was denied.

Otherwise speak with the Pros! Support

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I’m new on the app, what do you mean with “re-word it”?

If you mean this was a text you tried to get to pass as a Buyer Request, Buyer Requests is there for buyers to request sellers to do their jobs, not for sellers to put their announcements. If you want to announce your gig somewhere, you can do it here on the forum in this section:


Thank you for your answer. I wrote on the forum because the e-mail didn’t tell me the reason why it was denied. The e-mail said: "Unfortunately, your Gig request “Translate 500 words from mothertongue…” did not pass our review.

Using this feature to promote your services is not allowed, and can result in your account being restricted."
But I’ve just copied the request from other public requests, I don’t get what’s wrong.

I misunderstood you. I thought you created a gig, I wasn’t aware you were referring to the buyer request section.

The buyer request section is for buyers to post requests “seeking” sellers. Your wording [quote=“ubiaiunese, post:1, topic:116884”]
“translate 500 words from mothertongue italian to english and from english to italian”

can definitely be translated as a service you are selling.

Are you offering this as a service or are you looking for sellers to complete your task?

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I’m offering this as a service

So why are you posting it in the “buyers request” section?[quote=“ubiaiunese, post:7, topic:116884”]
Using this feature to promote your services is not allowed,

It’s not allowed! It’s meant for buyers to post requests and sellers such as yourself and I bid on their project.

Do you understand?

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he means that you should use different words and try again, and yes about mothertongue word remove it it is unnecessary in the sentence, because you need to be straight forward and clear of what your offering so according to me >> i will translate 500 words from Italian to English or vice versa << that is enough and explains a lot :slight_smile: Good luck

If you’re going to offer it as a service, that’s great - you need to put a gig up for it, and then promote it yourself. Buyers requests are exactly what they sound like - they’re for buyers to request specific tasks they need doing, not for sellers to promote their gigs.

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I believe you are confused, let’s make this clear.

Buyer Requests: Buyers who need a service post a project and receive bids from sellers.

Create a gig: Create a gig to sell to buyers.

If you post a service you offer in the buyer requests section it will obviously get rejected!

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Ooohh! That’s it! Thank you so much! I’ll make another try and I’ll let you know! :slight_smile:

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Stop, stop, stop, what do you mean with “make another try”? Just to make this very clear:
"Using this feature to promote your services is not allowed, and can result in your account being restricted."
This means: if you make another try, they might restrict your account, meaning you might be banned from fiverr.

Try to promote/announce your gig in ‘My Fiverr Gig’ on the forum, or on your social media if you use any, and, of course, you can reply to Buyer Requests looking for English/Italian translation, but do not post a Buyer Request yourself again, unless you are a buyer.

If you mean make another try at creating a gig, all´s fine then, go ahead, or maybe first have a look at this:

And if you haven´t already, I´d strongly suggest to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service too, just so you won´t accidentally do anything that´s not allowed and get such an e-mail from Fiverr again or get banned, there are some things you might not think of, like that you may not share your contact information such as email with buyers etc. and for which you can get banned.


Hello miiila, first of all there’s no need to be so rude, as I just said I’m new on the app, I’ve read terms and conditions and that’s why I came here: I can’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

Maybe you could help me understanding: am I missing something? I just wrote “translate 500 words” and it was still denied for the same reason, so what should I write in there?

EDIT: Just to be very clear, I want to sell translations from Italian to english and vice versa. Maybe I’m typing in the wrong part of the app?

@miiila wasn’t being rude - she was telling you exactly the right thing.

You’re trying to create a gig to sell a service in the wrong place - you’re doing it in buyer requests again.

If you want to create a gig, you need to go to selling, create a gig. Maybe better try it on a laptop/desktop.


@ubiaiunese People are trying to tell you the actual rules. If you try again, you may be banned on Fiverr. Buyer Requests is not the right place for you to sell, ever, no matter how you word it. You may see other people trying it, but they will get their accounts in trouble.


Love the new photo BTW!

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Awww, thanks!! I wanted to showcase the latest grey hairs Fiverr has given me. :smiley: