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What's wrong with new buyers

Hi, I’m a new seller, joined in August this year. Obviously, I’m always looking for opportunities for work and I do everything I could do for that 5-star positive rating. But recently, I had to report a few buyers, in fact, 2 buyers on the same day due to that issue/reason everyone could face here, buyers sharing their contact details.
And reason for sharing the contact details is too obvious, that they’re really busy bla bla bla, so they don’t have time to chat on Fiverr but they have for Gmail inbox chat. In fact, some local buyers send their contact no. either by packaging (so that no one knows anything) in a document file or in a screenshot/image. That’s a really lame excuse.
I can totally understand, they’re super busy and have tight schedules, but they have time for a chat on Gmail inbox but not for Fiverr. Do, they read TOS, maybe. Do they care, not at all. because if removed from the platform once or even more, they can recreate an account on Fiverr or maybe somewhere else. But we sellers have to face consequences.
First of all, It’s against TOS to share contact details, to lure sellers out of the Fiverr system.
Secondly, we can’t trust them. They’re a new buyer, they don’t have any reviews yet. That’s how they judge sellers here as well.
I really don’t know, even after so many regular updates, when fiver will create an automated system to block these buyers. We, new sellers, spent hours waiting for a message or a notification and what we get an anonymous buyer sharing his contact details, try to lure us to get work outside the Fiverr, in return, we only left frustrated.
God Bless New Sellers!!!


Hello, this isn’t perfect and we as self employed business people are on our own, as we should be. We can’t expect the site to protect us, we have to do that ourselves much of the time.

I get all kinds of annoying things and I’ve learned to cope with them and try to not dwell on them, so I just move on. I don’t expect fiverr to block out all the ones who do things that violate the TOS because they can’t.

So over time we get used to such things and don’t get too upset when they happen because they always will happen. My current issue is all the ones who make multiple accounts and message me from all of them. There will always be something annoying others are doing that are wrong.


They are scammer…

It’s not just new buyers. Actually the majority of people who do this do it as a matter of routine. I have noticed that many things some clients ask for either don’t save either of us time or at least ADD extra time to me, the freelancer.

I honestly think some clients are on a power trip and want to call the shots just for the sake of it.

I think a lot of them are also testing to see what they can convince you to do.


My favorite one is that a repeat buyer turned off his notifications on his Fiverr app (assuming he got too many, and it irritated him)…all while we were in the middle of building a custom order. Radio silence ensued for almost 3 months. Then he reaches out again for another project and I say “what about the one we were working on?”

He had totally forgotten we were in the middle of it, and said it just fell to the wayside! LOL! He felt bad and all went well in the end, but it does make me wonder how many other users turn off notifications and just never visit the website to see if they have any messages pending. Can’t force them to, so I guess we’ll just have to soldier on with the users that can find the time to check their messages.


Yeah those are fun. Clearly you value your work if you don’t want to hear from your seller and don’t even remember to check Fiverr…

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