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What's wrong with people? Is this even allowed here?


Okay, I need to vent somewhere because I’m kinda frustrated here. For the second time, I got a request that’s not really a gig request. It’s an offer: they ask to go to “that blue S chatting software” and then, when you’re there, they ask you to make them an account in another site and in exchange, I would get payed monthly. Is this a common thing around here? This is so frustrating! You think someone finally wants your gig, but all they want is make shady business. Does this happen a lot around here?


It’s best to just report them to customer service.


Don’t work outside fiverr. If they can come here they can buy your offer here. If they call you outside then it must be something else going out their mind.


Learned it the hard way. Thanks for the advice.


Learning the hard way is the lesson we remember the best. :roll_eyes:


Sorry for the bad experience :frowning: It’s never wrong to be too careful.


A seller messaged me with something similar today, first they sent me a vague message about work. When I replied querying if they were interested in my gigs or just plugging theirs, they replied wanting me to post fake positive c&P reviews of them on a review site (off fiverr), not even for money but in exchange for a fake positive review of one of my gigs.


Hi @jenna_appleseed,

Please contact CS and report.

Here’s the link for placing tickets


I got a similar one today - the sender’s account has now gone. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @merciavideo, I’m happy you decided to open your gigs to the world :blush:


Thank you - I’m a slow starter. :wink:
The only downside’s the spam I suppose, but at least I’ve got a nice fast response time from replying to it. :slightly_smiling_face: