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What's wrong with people these days?

I’m bit annoyed! I decided to be more active in here and read some posts, I even replied to a few, I didn’t offend anyone but honestly everywhere I go I always come across with a hater or similar:woozy_face::hot_face:!! It seems I have a bad karma with women! I find it hard to have a nice chat or receive some empathy from women, it doesn’t matter what I do or say or don’t say at all, they are all ready to jump on me with hate speech or comments!! I am getting tired of snowflakes, we can’t say anything they always feel offended or have the urge to argue with the person… I remember the old days in the beginning of internet where we could chat with other people nicely, be creative and kind, it was a new whole world, the online gaming, the online chat, the 1st blog page :pensive::cry: back then only a few surfed the net now every douchebag surfs the internet!! There are trolls everywhere… multiplayer game, on twitter, on G+… everywhere:rage:
I miss the old days when we could chat with another person in a kind and nice way… This is why I start hating people… it costs nothing to be kind to each other!


Hello, there isn’t any type of trolling here or the usual ugly comments you can find on other sites. This forum is heavily moderated so if you see anyone insulting or being rude then you can flag that post by using the little flag symbol beneath a post to have a moderator look at it.

Having someone disagree isn’t necessarily an argument, just a different opinion.

This is one of the nicest most peaceful forums I’ve found generally speaking. Welcome!


I’ve read your posts and can’t see any replies which could be remotely described as ‘hate speech’ thankfully. :sun_with_face:

If somebody doesn’t agree with what you’ve posted, that’s not ‘being a hater or a snowflake’ it’s just they’ve got a different opinion to yours. Sorry if you don’t agree. :wink:


This forum used to have a share of this but moderation was tightened to make the forum a professional space. People who really “trolled” very hard were banned with staff support.

This forum has lots of very nice people. They go out of their way to engage in birthday threads, games, helpful tips and healthy debate. People aren’t expected to pretend to agree with others, but they do have to disagree reasonably. Real hate speech is absolutely forbidden, but I haven’t seen any hate speech toward you.

This is a community. The best way to engage in friendly discussion (including debate) is to read and get to know the way this community works. Get involved in it and become a part of it. Random participation is allowed and fine but doesn’t help you get involved in real community.


Regarding the negativity that you’re talking about, social media has a HUUGE influence on this and internet in general.

All you see is negativity, people losing their interest over everything, hateful comments and if you analyze the situation, it all happens online.

Of course you’ll say that it’s virtual and you shouldn’t be affected, yeah, those comments are virtual but when someone insults you, that feeling is real.

Pretty sure that in the future, social media and internet will have huge restrictions or will ve banned completely because it’s only getting worse.

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I am sorry this is your experience here.

Aside from a few examples where people were not to my taste and I simply ignored them, I found this forum to be filled with great people, that have a great mindset and good moral standards.

But I know the internet can be a harsh place. That’s why I think you should take a break from it. Go out, enjoy nature, adopt a puppy, have some “me” time and really feel good about life. I found that I was affected by other people the most when I took care of myself the less.

Nowadays the negativity and simple-mindedness amuse me and that’s all. I don’t feel attacked or any other way. Simply because I know who I am, I know my values, and I also know that my time is too valuable to spend it with people and topics that are toxic.

So take a breather, recharge yourself, ignore the toxic people and create a special radar for people that are really good. They still exist. Stay strong! :sun_with_face:


you already think you know me, how this is absolutely great! There’s one thing I have learned and at my age I know that I can’t make assumptions about people’s life if I don not know them or even talked with them so that I can understand their point of view, so thank you for comment but don’t lecture me about internet and toxic people when you know nothing about me. I always welcome different points of view but I do not like when someone tries to lecture me about life and how to deal with negative situations because like I said you know nothing about me or my life experience or even who I am!

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Those were advises, not lectures. Scientifically proven methods to feel good. Maybe the negativity you see outside might have something to do with your own mindset.

I was trying to be helpful. Anyway, I’ll leave you off. :slightly_smiling_face:


Woah, manucornel was being nothing but nice and just giving you a simple “basic” advice and giving you his opinion, I don’t think he was lecturing you in any way.
I get the feeling right now you are too upset and angry to see that.

Now you might snap back at me for saying this to you, but just take a deep breath.
True, I don’t know you, but I can at least tell that you just need to take it easy.

I hope you feel better soon.


You just did this to @manucornel. I don’t know what really has you upset, but please don’t put this on forum users who are trying to help. It’s enough, now.


Hi, @ladydark

Below, I’m providing you with links to some threads. Please take a look, you’re invited to jump in and participate on them if you wish.

We’re nice people, maybe sometime we can throw dishes at each other but that doesn’t mean we’re ugly. Then, after cathartis, we go back to normal: caring, sharing, joking and helping. Just as any family will do :wink: