What's wrong with some buyers


Okay, a buyer wanted a program. Happily I sent him an offer telling him I can write a python script that does the job he want, explaining him that at $5 (his budget) the script comes with some pros and cons. He eventually contacted me and here’s what followed:

Me: In case you are not familiar with Python or you don’t know how to run python scripts, please contact another seller.
Buyer: I bought the service. (Yes, he placed an order)
Buyer: Give me the link of program python
Me: Do you know how to run python scripts?
Buyer: No

Seriously, why did he placed the order despite everything I said? Why can’t I (as a seller) reject an order? Why fiverr cares only for the buyers?


One funny thing I noticed many times is this phase-
"Why fiverr cares only for the X?"
Is used by both buyers and sellers. The truth is Fiverr cares for both, but the buyers should be given a higher priority in some cases though…

And if you want to reject the order, just go ahead and cancel it through the resolution centre, no one is stopping you. (But that might decrease your rankings) The best option for you would be to explain the buyer how to run python scripts. :slight_smile:


Yeah I did tried to explain him. Thankfully the buyer was kind and we solved everything via teamviewer (not all buyers are kind though). My point is that sellers needs to have the option to accept or decline an order. Yes, I can cancel an order the way you said but that’s something different. It’s just my opinion though, and maybe I am asking too much :yum:


Good to hear that you sorted it out. :smiley:


The lack of English speaking clients is tough…
When you cant communicate, how can you work together ?
I feel you ! :raised_hands:


It’s really a challenge, but once you notice that a certain buyer will give you challenges it’s better to cancel the order or inform them not to order with you.