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What's wrong with the avatars in the forum?

Hi there,

I’ve been busy for awhile and didn’t have the time to check the forum. Now I see that almost all avatar images are missing and the forum looks pretty much messed up on Firefox. Do you know why and how we can fix our own avatars?



Okay, I thought it was just me, so I wasn’t going to ask about it and possibly sound like a crazy person. Others are seeing it too! Yeah, I don’t know what it is/have cleared the cache, tried different browsers, etc. Who knows?

Noticed this to a more than 2 months ago. The issue seems to be a path issue to the avatars.

if using firefox or crome clear cookies for this forum domain done solved

the reason we se these crack images its because the images has been deleted from the folder and when the page loads it cannot find the image this is why its showing this , this issue is from server side not ours.

this is the missing image that was supposed to load

visit it , it will say not found xD

oh well cant post the links

about you uploading images.

just to test it , rename the image to 5.jpg or what ever extension it has

sometimes spaces or illigal characters cause issues.

its not related to that , the cracked images you se is an issue from server side cannot find the image path to the image , maybe they tampered some settings on site or some files in root directory that caused this issue.

All working avatar image urls start with cdnec0.fiverrcdn, broken ones have forum.fiverr dot com/uploads in front of the url.

However broken avatars doesn’t seem to exist on the cdn either so guessing forum avatar thumbs were transferred to the cdn but something went wrong.

The avatar issue is being looked into. Hopefully soon!

The forums are different for me on different browsers and devices. Avatars and text are messed up the worst in Firefox on my PC. On my Kindle in chrome text is ok but not avatars. Just screwy code I figure and gave up awhile back.

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Fiverr Support

We apologize for the inconvenience. The CS team is aware of this issue and we hope to rectify it soon. Thanks!

Thanks, I hope they fix it soon. It looks very messy on Firefox.

It is not fixed yet. Hope they will fix it soon this is not nice in this way