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⚠️Whats Wrong with the Gig ⚠️😥

Gig age 2 moth but not get a single order. plz, tell me what’s wrong in my gig.
check it out–>

People are going to question your quality and professionalism and legitimacy because it doesn’t make sense financially to offer all these tools and procedures for just $5. It makes you look sketchy.

On top of that, there are hundreds of sellers selling this same thing. It’s not wise to create something with so much competition unless you can prove you are exceptional and what makes you exceptional is in demand. None of these things apply to your gig.


ok thanks. but see my other buyer review!!! they give me good review.

1 good review or 10 or 100 doesn’t change the reality or impact of anything I said.


I am wondering how your gig is still active. You know what’s wrong with your gig? You are working for easy money. You are installing a $59 theme (annually) or $249 (lifetime) in $5 which pretty much clears that you are violating the developers work by installing the cracked themes and you are also risking your buyer’s website and their business.


He may have a multi-license account which would have different rates, but yes still financially not viable considering he needs to purchase multi-license accounts, if he is even doing that. I am skeptical, too.

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so my account 5* review doesn’t prove that I am enough professional and quality worker? so if anyone gives 1* what does mean? I am really confused about your word and I don’t understand! :worried::worried:

I think you don’t know about developer version theme! this is not cracked theme this is life time update-able theme. When i Create the Gig i research other seller packaging price and see that many seller offer same basic package and then finalize my pricing. :expressionless::expressionless:

see the best selling gig offer $5 or $10 so how they offer? so your talking means that they and I also use cracked themes? so How they have placed the best selling gig? i am new for that i offer $5 . but after getting few order price should be increasing… very funny your talking! lol!!!

@humanissocial no mam i don’t have multi license account! :roll_eyes:

@humanissocial is not a man!


spelling mistake. thanks

It is simple: if someone finds you unprofessional, that isn’t going to change just because you have a good or even great review. Why? Because reviews are subjective, can be biased and they don’t mean a seller is appropriate for a particular buyer’s needs.

Subjective means that everyone has their own idea of what quality is and that depends on your needs, tastes and past experiences. Two people can have the same meal at a restaurant and one can hate it and the other can love it.

Also, no one thinks: “This seller is sketchy or lazy or unethical, communicates poorly and is unsuitable for my needs, but I am going to order anyway because he has a great review.” Reviews don’t cancel out a buyer’s needs and impression of you.

In any case, I gave you legitimate and necessary advice and you think it isn’t applicable because you got a good review. That shows you don’t understand business and aren’t interested in behaving professionally. I would never work with someone who thinks they don’t need to be professional because they got a good review.

Always put quality first. A good review isn’t a free pass to be unprofessional without consequence to your business. Prospective buyers will always think critically about you regardless of you having some or even all good reviews.


OK thanks your advice!! I always try to put quality work 1st !!! for that I think i got valuable review! thanks

so? how they offer? :slightly_smiling_face:

God promise i am not stealing that . this is developer version theme. that i buy for annually for use unlimited website!

When I asked if you had a multi use account, you responded to me that you didn’t.

@humanissocial no mam i don’t have multi license account! :roll_eyes:

Also, it is spelled ma’am, not “mam,” and don’t call me that, please.

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oh sorry i think you mean that i am using multi fiverr account!! sorry i understand now. yes i have multi license for use theme!

Fiverr doesn’t have licenses or multi-use licenses, so I’m not sure why you would think that.

I hope you have third-party rights for all platforms you use, where required.

yes. you know i am not fluent in English for that have little bit problem. sorry !!! and can you give me some advice for developed my profile? i think you have lot’s of experience!