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What's wrong with this Fiverr Gig description?

Hi all,

I’m getting an error saying my Gigg description may not contain an offer for direct communication. How can I improve the following to be able to save it?

Consider me your reliable, trustworthy, and confidential virtual assistant.

I understand just how detrimental it can be to miss critical emails and messages. With our inboxes being flooded my email marketing, news alerts, social media updates, newsletters, I know how overwhelming and distracting it all can become.

I’m here to fix that. I will be your e-mail guru, organizing your inbox to your preferred workflows and preferences. I’m here to partner with you to understand your needs to best determine a solution that best fits your lifestyle!

Using folders and sub-folders to categorize common messages, you won’t need to rely on that search bar. I will also set-up inbox rules to forward future incoming e-mails into their appropriate folders.

To ensure security, privacy, and confidentiality, I will utilize LastPass. Your true password and log-in credentials will be encrypted and inaccessible to me.

Let’s digitally declutter!



My guess would be that maybe you are putting yourself in the client’s inbox so you are immediately putting yourself in direct contact with clients.

Probably better to ask CS tho and (wait to) see what they have to advise as this may be a bot strike on a word instead of a ruling.