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What's your answer to this?

Well, it seems that the buyer ratio is immensely low here on fiverr or may be I’m new that is why I have just got a couple of orders so far. But wait , Okay I am new here and that’s the reason I’m not getting enough orders.

Now I’m wondered why is there no requests from buyers since yesterday to till now? Dunno what’s really going on here. But what I feel like is may be I have to spend my first half year like seeking here and there and beg to get some orders. Is this how fiverr really works?

It helps to promote your services outside of fiverr. (social media and other forums)
Also, be sure to do your best work, always.

Gosh… that’s sounds terrible.


What on earth did you think this was? Some magic money-dropping website?

Not exactly, but the sales ratio is actually very low. At least a person should earn $200-300/month. That’s what I had thought.

I do no outside marketing and get a decent amount of orders. You’re just in a rather competitive market and in which case, try to revise your keywords, title, description, and offer unique package deals.

To some extent I agree with you man. Competition is in full swing on fiver. It will probably take enough time to become successful here.

I tried to share my gigs on LinkedIn, and they blocked my account. Then I reclaimed and sent my passport copy etc, they reactivate it later.