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What's your average selling price?


Today is my last day of Level One (so I’ve had exactly one month with gig extras). My average selling price is $7. What’s yours, and how long have you had Levels?


I heard that some sellers ask buyer to make separate orders rather than a single order with multiple gigs and gig extras. Is that a good idea to increase your stars?



Reply to @biomed: Yes. It’s a hassle, but it will get you more ratings, which will get you higher on the search results. Doing so will make your average selling price lower, but that is just a stat that doesn’t really matter.


Reply to @cassysailermoon: Thanks !!


Mine is $13


Mine is $8 but I wouldn’t consider it all too viable. I generally get a lot of tiny orders of course, but from time to time I get considerably large orders. So if I get 10 $10 orders, and one $150+ order, I don’t feel the average is very good to go by or 100% accurate for that matter. I think it’s a bit weird, in fact. It states in my profile how long I had my “level 2” but that’s a bit misleading as it was temporarily revoked for a misunderstanding, then got back to me after clearing it up with CS in relation to certain issues. I had it since I pretty much started about I think it was over 2 and a half years ago at this point? I wasn’t too active then, I think it took about 2 to 3 months for me from joining.


how do i check it


7$ with level 1 for about 25 days :bz


$6 :frowning:


If it’s anything over $5 you’re kickin’ buttes. :D/


Nice discussion. My average selling price is $14.


Fun number to look at. Many other variable to consider. Mine is $28.


Mine is at $17 right now


its $7 at the moment.


My average selling price is $7. I’ve had level 2 for about two years, I believe. But unfortunately I didn’t quite understand how to utilize my gig extras for a while. And now that I have popular gigs and have a better understanding of the extras, my average price is slowly increasing


Mine is $8 with 30+ days as a Lvl 2 seller


Reply to @biomed: A reason why ranking should be based on actual $ sales not votes?


Reply to @bachas85: Higher average selling price could be an indicator that your buyers are willing to pay more because you offer better service or value in your gigs? if so, then the system should also put a premium on your average selling price and reward the seller to help him/her?

Asking buyers to split one transaction into several gigs to get points could also be a way to “play” the system? just asking.

This thread is an interesting one, Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts.


$8 per order. Thank you, new analytics feature.


Mine is $35