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What's your Average Selling Price?

Fiverr has proven to be a platform not just for a fiver. There are endless possibilities to making more on fiverr all thanks to custom offers and gig extras for upsells.

I just recently checked my Sales Analytic and noticed my Avg. Selling Price has gone up to $30. This is the highest Avg. Selling Price i’ve had since joining fiverr and I was wonder how other sellers avg are like?

So go ahead and share yours as we all look forward to better sales this 2016


$2, what is your point?

How many orders a month do you get?

Just wanted other seller to know that it’s possible to sell higher on fiverr through extras and custom offers. Plus I was curious to know how much others are offering.

Anyway, thanks for your input although it’s hard to believe your average selling price is at $2 are do you mean $20?

Not that much and there is no way I can get the particular figure

Hey Mine is just 0$ what should i do i want some guidlines but with Well MAnner USer

Zero? are you sure about that?

I’ll advice you offer high quality unique service and also work on your reviews. If a buyer is not happy with your service you either make it up to them or better still offer a refund.

I have had to refund a $200 order because the buyer seems confused on what he actually wanted. So never be scared to refund to a seller even if it’s the biggest order you’ve had. It’s better to have 10 positive reviews then 20 negative reviews. Prospective buyers always look at reviews before they decide to make an order

Mine is $14

Mine is $6

You can look at the Analytics page and look at the graph on the right side. Hover your mouse over the graph and slowly move it over the graph and you can count up the number of orders you got in the last 30 days.

The average order shown for me is not accurate although it’s pretty close.
I count up the number of monthly sales I have, and then divide my monthly income by that number to get an accurate figure.

not bad for seller level 1, I got 9$ average selling. I want to increase it

Using your method on the new orders graph I was able to count up to 25 new sales. I don’t know if custom offers or repeat buyers are included but that’s it

Impressive reviews you’ve got there

A good start for a level one seller

How much is yours when you calculate it yourself vs what’s on Analytic page?

My average selling price is $47 per order. A year ago today it was $8. Progress.


Mine is $20…

So your monthly earnings should be about $750 if your average selling price is $30.

The graph on the far right is the total for the past 30 days.