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Whats your best service.?


I give 30k facebook website likes for 5$

What about you?


For a limited time I’m offering to send out a tweet to over 1 million twitter followers from two large accounts. We will normally charge $10+ for this, but we’re just trying to get things running on Fiverr.


I’m designing best logos here :slight_smile:


I’m designing 2 vintage retro logos or badges :slight_smile:


I create Beauty speed video animation of your logo and 3D Drawing :slight_smile:


Nothing like an original piece of creative writing for 5$. However, I will have to go with the guy that puts your kids to sleep playing Santa. That’s what I love about Fiverr - the originality is just wonderful! :slight_smile:


@prabhjotgambhir - 30K??? Holy crap! Are you a super celebrity? I’d just like to know how you can manage that? 30K! Angelina Jolie and all her celebrity friends, put together couldn’t pull that of fin that time frame! :wink:


@bigbadbilly hahhaha I am having vast network through which i provide these likes!

But these are facebook website likes not fanpage!


i will promote any business, website, video, affiliate links anything to morethan 3 million real and active users on facebook, and send you a screenshot of my work…


I’m providing content creation service which can be used to optimize your blog or website. :slight_smile:


Reply to @kjblynx: I like your gig. :slight_smile:


I am working on promo videos and packaging.


My creations will bring a smile to your face~

You can toss 'em around, put them on your desk to keep guard, give to a loved one so they’ll know you’re thinking of them, recreate your business logo or mascot in 3D, invite good energy, health or wealth into your home or office (with my Maneki Neko, or Good Luck cats), memorialize a pet or just have a toy representing your favorite animal to play with~

Come visit my zoo!


Hi there,

my best service is

facebook fan page likes

twitter retweets favorites & followers

my all service is high quality