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What's your Conversion Rate (impressions/clicks)?

I’m curious to know others people average conversion rate in terms of impressions and clicks, not specifically sales.

What’s yours?
And in which category are you?


GoD ! My all things are 100%.

That means that for every impression and click on your gig you get an order! Wow, impressive. :

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My impressions and click rate are low.

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My impressions /clicks are very very low and get down .

I want to know this also

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my clicks and impression is really low…nor did I get any order. It’s been more than 2 weeks.


I’m also want to know that. because my click and impression very low.

I’m in Music & Audio. My recent performance is about 100 clicks for every 1000 impressions. It’s a good ratio. But raising it to 15% would be fantastic, so I’m focusing on this. You improve the ratio with powerful GIGs that attract both visually (stunning images, colors) and of course the title, must be very specific so the customer knows exactly what’s the GIG about.

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I used to have the conversion rtae on my phone app button it is gone. :confused:

how much number of your impressions and clicks?
my impression 390 :zipper_mouth_face:

I looked up how to figure the conversion rate. It seems to me it would be the number of sales divided by the number of clicks.

So what is your conversion rate, you never did say? :thinking:

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I thought it was implicit, anyway:
Conversation rate (for engagement): (n.clicks/n.impressions)*100

Improving this number will help the gig rank higher, and, of course, more clicks more opportunity to land a sale.

As @manuelmarino said, it’s important to invest some effort in a smart copy (driven by a keyword research) and a eyes-catching impactful thumbnail.

Btw just a poll, i was curious.

There is a feature when you make a new topic for making a poll. Perhaps if you explained how you figure conversion rate and then built a poll for specific ranges of conversion you would find out what you were looking to know.

Back when it used to be on my phone app, it would vary between 12% and 25 to 30%. But I think I figured out that was based on the number of clicks to orders.