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What's Your Conversion Rate?

Just curious what your best-selling gig’s conversion rate is? I’m at 7.6% for my best seller.

I’m still at 2.1% overall, but at 7.7% on my best seller.

I find it really frustrating to see a high number of views on the gigs with less conversion (or none at all). Makes me wonder what made them walk away… Why? Why? :wink:

On my best gig, the conversion rate is 28.6%… I’m happy with this conversion rate… anything less and I start to wonder if I need to do something more. But, since I’m constantly busy, I don’t fret too much or often. :slight_smile:

Reply to @emeraldawnn: Wow! That’s a great conversion rate!

mine is overall 5.5% only

Reply to @psychicninadia: Well I think it only means that 22.6% of the people who viewed the gig ordered it. Which might also mean that 77.4% of people might have considered tipping you and didn’t, or they just clicked on it my mistake/curiosity.

For my best-selling I have an 8%

Funny thing…for my tipping gig I only have 7 sales but 22.6% conversion :confused: Never been good at Maths but this looks strange…