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Whats your conversion rate?


Just curious. Mine is 3%


4.7% but I also have a lot of repeat customers so that probably skews it higher than it really is :slight_smile:


I’ve joined Fiverr recently and mine is 0%




My conversion rate is 0.8%. This must mean I’m getting absolutely LOADS of views because I’ve got no shortage of orders.


Mine is 6%. Perhaps it’s the category of gig?




Seems to be at 5.9%


I’m new to Fiverr and have only had a gig listed for a couple weeks. I hit my highest conversion rate at 5%, but since then nothing I’ve done has turned it around: it fell to zero really fast and hasn’t turned around since. I’m trying to fix this by offering different gigs - I added a 2nd gig today, I’m adding a third tomorrow, and there’ll be a fourth in a little bit after that - but I’m starting to feel like I’m just drowning in an over-saturated category. I’m hopeful a YouTube vlog will help, too, but we’ll see.


I am at 6%.


Yesterday, 4%. Today. 3.8%. It varies.


Mine was about 2%. These days about 6%


I don’t look at stats at all. I just do my very best.


my conversion is 0… hopping to get good result. finger crossed.




Mine is averaging at 6%, but some days can be 10 or 15%, others 1 or 2%, no idea why, but I think that 6% is pretty good as an average, though I am sure I read somewhere that it should be over 10%???








Only 1.9% Is this good…?