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What's your experience with Subscriptions?

Would especially love to hear about anyone selling audio-related gigs. I don’t really understand how it would benefit me yet as a VO artist. I have a lot of repeat clients but the amount of work they have varies from week to week/month to month, and they don’t always need regular work. So who would this apply to?


I have a VA gig that I recently added the Subscriptions feature onto, but nobody has ordered it yet.

I agree! A lot of my clients have a variety of work that they need at different times, so the subscription feature probably wouldn’t be useful for them.

I think this would apply to people who have a definite schedule of ordering.

An example: There’s a podcast owner who’s looking for voice overs every week for their weekly podcast.

Another example: There’s a business owner who needs 7 Instagram post designs weekly so that they can post every day of the week.

Those are just a few examples of who the Subscriptions feature would be for.

I currently don’t have any clients that order my work on a scheduled basis, so this feature probably won’t be useful for me at this moment.


hey girls you seem way experienced with fiverr than me, I’m not doing nether VO nor VA, but I was recently chosen for the subscription plan, I really wanted to know if it can work with custom offers too? (I’ve custom templet)


I’m a voice actor and I considered this but in the end decided against it. I often offer my repeat clients a discount on every 10th order or so anyway. I foresaw potential problems with it like cancellations. I did ask CS about this and buyers using subscriptions would get a reminder that the months subscription was coming up, however, if they decided to cancel for whatever reason after the month’s subscription was paid and the order made automatically, then this would hit the sellers completion rate. I decided that was one extra thing I didn’t want to deal with.


Honestly this works a lot better for content writing, which is my niche, but Fiverr doesn’t support that for the Subscription program yet. I do see more people buying the same amount of blog posts every month when compared to voiceovers for example.


I personally think that the niche market for subscriptions is super-small, but Fiverr don’t want to admit just how small it actually is.

Where I can really see this working, is where you’re literally swapping a service for money, rather than a tangible end product. So something like managing someone’s social profiles for example. You might agree on 10 hours per month of managing someone’s Twitter handle, and agree a price for it. Subscriptions could be great for that. Or perhaps some IT related work, bug-fixes, server maintenance etc. Instead of having to create a new order each time, why not just have it on repeat, until the client says otherwise?

But anything where you’re delivering a product, like a voice over or a logo, or a website? I just don’t see what the benefit to most clients would be to commit to a specific volume of IDENTICAL orders each month. We have a client who orders about once a week on average, and their order values are always very similar. But, for example, they placed an order today, yet didn’t order once during March. I can’t imagine they would be happy at the notion of having to pay for something they didn’t need.

(I’m not saying subscriptions shouldn’t exist as an option btw - if you can make use of it, good for you, I like that Fiverr have tried something new. I just feel like most sellers here are unlikely to be able to make use of it)

What I think would be good, although I understand it would need a lot more work, would be a retainer service. We’ve got clients who we could perhaps sell the concept of buying an hour or two of our time each month, and they could simply dip into that as and when they need to, without having to put through random orders each time. Big companies with big budgets, who hate the faff of having to find a company credit card each time they want to order. One easy, repeat expense which looks neater on the client’s side, and is some guaranteed monthly income for us, and would sit nicely in the whole ‘Fiverr Business’ ecosystem the company is trying to build at the moment.