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What's Your experience?

Hi! I hope you all are fine?

I am creating this post because I am really disappointed with my experience please need your suggestions :frowning:

My Cancellation and completion Report in a month Is.

30 Completed order in a month
15 Cancel order in a month (Due to buyer can’t have much requirements)

Now tell me this ratio is good or bad or normal? My 1 gig is on the first page so that why some buyers place orders mistakenly.

Please expert only :frowning:


Same issue :frowning:

My cancellation is 10 in a month
And Completion is 30 order in a month

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You can’t ask who may or may not respond to your post on a public forum.

That being said, if you have 30 completed orders and 15 cancelled ones, that’s not a good ratio and it tells me your gig is not properly set up to inform buyers of what you will need before they purchase, or you are not handling the process well on your end after someone purchases but fails to submit all requirements.


I was going to answer and, perhaps, even willing to give you a helping hand, but since you only want experts…

Sorry, I am no expert. My completion rate has always been 100%.


30 orders in a month sounds great, 15 cancellations in a month sounds horrible.


I’m no expert, but what I do know is that, 15 cancellations in a month is bad no matter the number of orders you have in that month. Best of luck!

Here’s your answer. It is my third YEAR on Fiverr, and I only have 8 canceled orders overall.
*Edit - and, over 400 completed orders.

Come to think of it, 30 orders completed sounds great, but what are the quality of your orders overall? Perhaps you should rather spend more time per order. Focus on quality, rather than quantity.


Completed: 259
Cancelled: 38

About 50% of the cancelled orders are attributable to the buyer.

I am constantly trying to optimize my gigs so that no wrong orders arrive.

I would also recommend that to you.

@helenabester Only 8 canceled orders?

That’s crazy.

I have to say, I cancel orders really quickly and I don’t care about my levels.


It’s a bad number of cancellation. You should be more aware on your service. Otherwise, your gig may fall down suddenly.

I have completed 325 orders since I began selling on Fiverr in May 2018. I have only canceled one order.

So I would say that canceling 15 orders in a month is far from ideal and reflects worse on you than on your buyers as you are the only commonality.

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I think this is the most appropriate answer. You must be clear about your requirements. Try to convince clients rather than rejecting

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I don’t think the high number of cancellations is because their buyers need “convincing”.

It’s a combination of a low price point -less friction/risk to purchase- and unclear process/deliverable.

You can’t convince people to get something they don’t need.

But you can stop them from purchasing your gig without knowing what they need to provide you with or what they will be getting as an end product.


192 completed, 17 canceled here (most due to buyers fault, and quite a few didn’t even impact my cancel rate because of it). 15 in 30 is horrible.

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175 completed, 5 cancellations (where only 2 were not a mistake purchase).

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9,187 orders completed, 600 orders cancelled.

A staggering amount of those 600 cancellations were from 2013 till whenever the order completion metric came to be. (2018 I wanna say?)

Back then I used to cancel any order when the buyer was too much to handle or they tried to extort more work from me.

Just to put this in perspective in 2019 I only had 23 cancellations.

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That sounds like the dream.


And what do you do now if the buyer is hard to handle?

About 2 hours ago I got a really upset revision note from a returning client about a $380 order.

They were NOT happy with what I delivered because of one tiny but important detail:

They wanted a different design used from my templated app promo gigs.

They thought it was “implied” since they are returning that I needed to “be creative with it” and “do my thing”.

I then listened to the problem, and actually empathized with them.

It must have sucked not getting what you thought you were going to get.

So I came up with a solution that adds a bit extra work on my end but the client will be happy.

My initial reaction was not a calm one, I must admit. It’s not the time to cancel orders and lose revenue.

I was also not at fault in this case.


Cancellation rates of other people are actually somewhat interesting, so here the % so far, for easier comparison:

30 completed, 15 cancelled = 15 of 45 orders cancelled = 33,33 % (OP)

400(+) / 8 = 8 of 408 = 1,96 %

259 / 38 = 38 of 297 = 12,79 %

325 / 1 = 1 of 326 = 0,31 %

192 / 17 = 17 of 209 = 8,13 %

175 / 5 = 5 of 180 = 2,78 %

9187 / 600 = 600 of 9787 = 6,13 %

1280 / 14 = 14 of 1294 = 1,08 %

*no liability for the maths


So, 8,13% cancel rate for me. That means I’m above 90% completed, good enough!