What's your favorite coffee?


There’s a Cafe Coffee Day store - Indian version of Starbucks - near my home. I had this just a few minutes back and really liked it…

Kaapi Nirvana ($3.3)


I’ve always hated coffee - but I do love INKA! Some say it’s still coffee, others say it’s an alternative to coffee, but I say it’s the best cocoa-coffe ever!


I don’t do coffee, but I love the Starbucks Hot Chocolate - add in some extra nutmeg and cinnamon to it and I’ve got some go-go juice to last me the work day.

I’ll be getting some today before my school job. I’ve been up since 2:30 and need some go-go juice badly.


What I usually have…

Cappuccino ($2)


My favorite coffee is a hot cup of tea… :smirk:


Okay, I’m off to my articles (5 1000-word articles on Philophobia, believe it or not :confounded: )



Here is mine one. Nothing can beat it. :arrow_down:


No coffee in summer… @saddu_writer I could never afford Gloria Jeans’
1 cup at Gloria Jeans = 10 cups at home


Taste of One cup of coffee at home X 10 = 1 cup of Gloria Jeans. :slight_smile:


My favorite coffee and a fast sketch :slight_smile:


The caramel machiato and white mocha at Starbucks…

also the sweet drinks from Cafe Doutor, the green tea late is delightful :smiley:


Homemade Nescafe :beer:


Looks like some healthy stuff!


It’s good for the heart, hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I see, then having much can cause [quote=“writer99025, post:6, topic:135792”]


Home made greatness: 1 tsp sugar, .5 tsp baking cocoa (to taste), 1 tsp Nescafe Tasters choice, tiniest bit of half n half (or to taste) add hot water, stir and enjoy, my budget friendly, waistline friendly Starbucks substitute!


Any coffee I can sit outside to drink. We have a Starbucks with an outdoor cafe I like.
I had given up coffee for years but it seems like a medicine to me right now. I’m a slow metabolizer of caffeine so shouldn’t be drinking it but I do.


Just straight coffee without any fancy stuff. Milk (creamer) and sugar (sweetener) and that’s it.




then you don’t know the art of making coffee…