What's your favourite cocktail?


Mine’s a margarita. And I say it’s my favourite even though it’s not helpful when I have to write Excel formulas and VBA code.

I may (or may not) be tipsy forum posting.


Long Island Ice Tea or frozen Daiquiri, depending on my mood.


I will share a frozen Daiquiri on the deck with you one hot day.


It got close to 80 degree Fahrenheit where I’m at today - downright tropical. :palm_tree:


Used to be Green Iguana, but for the last couple of years I’ve manned up and moved to scotch. And, oh lord, Bison Grass - it’s only lucky that I’m too poor to afford it.


Bloody freezing here even though it’s supposed to be summer-ish still. :frowning:


I had to look up Bison Grass, but now I’m going to find some.


I’m so sorry I may have just ruined your life.


Tuaca Lemon Drop, if asked for a cocktail.

As I am a Jack n Coke otherwise.


Dang, I almost never go to bars so just by looking at the names I have NO idea what they are.
I do like sweet drinks that’s not that strong, any recommendations?

My friend introduced me to white wine spritzer last summer.
It was evil. I chugged it down almost every night along with some camembert cheese…


You could always try a mojito and tellem to go ez on the rum.


Ice cream cocktails of “SARHAD FOODS” . :yum::yum::yum:
Looks like ,

Yummmmy :yum:


I’m taking the one on the left!!!
Don’t know what it is but it looks great!!!


It was mine, :innocent: Okay you may take it.You know how generous am I :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is more of a shot, but I used to love downing these in my student days as they were 50p a shot and also disgusted everyone: the brain hemorrhage:


Peach shnapps w baileys, how did it taste?


I can’t remember. Was quite gloopy though.


I would like to sad bloody Mary, but I actually just prefer it without the alcohol, I guess that makes it a virgin Mary?


Well my favorite coctail is still cocoa :grin:


There was a bar called the Blue Ice in a town called Franz Josef which used to serve a Fat Elvis. I remember there was peanut butter, lots of cream and lots of booze in it, but I can’t remember the exact ingredients. After that, my cocktail drink of choice at the moment would have to be an Aperol Spritz, a Long Island Ice Tea, or a Flaming Lamborgini, depending on whether I’m feeling refined or in more of a burn the world mood.