What's your favourite TV Series?


Of all time I would say "Only Fools and Horses"

Recently I like Burn Notice and obviously Friends in the 90’s :slight_smile: [-O<


The walking dead


The walking dead could easily be my second favorite. That show has really brought zombies to the mainstream.


This was a funny episode where they take a dog for a walk as a favour, for a friend.


For me, it is (not in any particular order):


Three’s Company


Big Bang Theory

Two And A Half Men


Sounds of Anarchy


So many people have said that 24 is good… I really need to watch that. For me, also not in any particular order:


Twilight Zone

Bewitched (yep going old school)


Burn Notice (which I hated at first but now love)


Oh and how could I forget! Law and Order! :smiley:


My neighbor use to have a Robin Renault 3 Wheeler! But it was Blue and more like the on in Mr. Bean.


Married with Children.


Reply to @startselect: I think that is a bit of a over statement.

Bruce Cambell brought Zombies to the Mainstream!!


Reply to @sundancekid: Ahhh yes, we need to get back to watching this. I hear session 2 gets really good!


Reply to @oranjewebdesign:

Maybe so, but it was always on B-Movies and more of a cult following thing. The walking dead truly brought them to the mainstream.

Not that i dont credit Mr. Campbell for his awesome work on the evil dead series and army of darkness!


We got through up until Mid S1, we had to wait ages for the next episode. I hate it when TV Series do that!!

Just randomly stopping for anticipation purposes. Ahhhh So we wait for the show to finish and then watch it lol


Oldie, but still the best - “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, and “Spartacus”


Reply to @startselect: Didn’t films like ZombieLand and 28 Days Later make it mainstream?


these days I am watching prison break…I like 24

not that fan of tv series…but when I have time I watch them…

Don’t like vampire bullys btw :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Yeah but zombieland is too goofy to count. 28 days later has running zombies, which has always been an anti zombie trait imo. It’s just not that cool when they run so fast, it kind of takes away from the whole zombie thing. I can deal with fast walkers in movies, but when they run they are not zombies anymore, just angry people that want to bite you :smiley:


Running Zombies are a little Gash indeed.

They should slow because they are braindead!!


Unless they have Rabies, Right!


THat would be Once Upon A Time