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What's your Fiverr age?


What’s your Fiverr age??? :wink:


Mine is 7 years and 2 months - but you can already see a seller’s age on their profile page :wink:


1 year i joined at fiverr


i joined fiverr 2 months ago.


I joined in fiverr last april. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for new sellers like me :slight_smile:


1 year and 6 months!


Can’t see the point of this question! :confused:


I joined last August but it took about a month or so to put together a profile with serious and sensible gigs.
Still making new experiences, good and bad, still running into questions.


1 years 9 months :pig:


Well, the OP is either trying to find a seller with a particular age or number of years of experience, or he just intended to create a place for people to show off their age. I hope it’s the former…


I made my account 3(and 4 months) years ago but I have become active a year later


Technically, one year and one month. But I made my first sale almost exactly a year ago today. Crazy how much has happened since then. This is such a cool place! :slight_smile:


4 years old! :slight_smile:
Time does fly by!


14 Aug , 2014 . still with fiverr <3 : heart_eyes:


I joined fiverr in Dec 2016 and I created my first gig in the mid of Jan 2017.


126 years 4 months 23 days 21 hours.


I joined approximately 2 months ago


Three successful years for this veteran! :wink:


Almost 18 months ago


wahhhhh 4 month-old :baby_bottle: :innocent: