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What's your Internet Speed?

As some people might be aware, I will quite possibly be making a last minute move to Cyprus soon. During the course of my research, however, I have discovered that Broadband access might be restricted to 2mbps to 15mbps.

Now I am not that bothered about streaming via Netflix etc. However, at present, my download speed is 40mbps and I am worried about how a drop to anything lower than 20mbps might affect things like video animation which I use online versions od Adobe After Effects for.

In this case, what’s your Internet speed and if it is in the 2mbps - 15mbps range, what restrictions do you notice daily with things like watching Youtube videos etc?


In here in Romania, there’s a speed of 60Mbps, but in the capital city where most people go it’s 80Mbps.

Bad part is I can’t benefit from those speeds :smiley: I live in a remote place where the speed gets to 5Mbps. And 5Mbps is slow, I have hard times watching youtube videos at 720p due to interruptions. But I got used to it.


Cyprus and Greece have really slow internet. I am always pi$$€d in Greece as in most places where I was on a vacation the internet was crazy slow.

ikr! :mask:
2.5Mbps personal connection (though we have access to 12Mbps shared net). I got used to it.

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I have 150 download and 50 upload. Quite a bit more than I need but it’s the standard here, we’re fortunate enough to have a company who deployed fibre to the home. Super fast and reliable, I’d find it hard to go back to broadband speeds now.

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In India, I have 16 MBPS speed now.

I’m from sri lanka .I have 2MPBS .

Wow! On our fancy new NBN (supposed system of the future) in Australia, I am at 19mps download and 3.5 upload… I thought it was fast lol (well it is fast compared to what I was on before)

By the way, we never have any issues streaming netflix, youtube etc at that speed or even the previous slower speed (around 7-10mbps)

2 MBPS :slight_smile: BroadBand. 12$/month :smiley:

I have Govt Broadband 50 MBPS upto 200GB FUP post 10MBPS
I don’t pay the bills for broadband its free only Landline calls are paid

In india these days 4G Jio is free as well since July 2016, Previously it was 4GB per day now Reduced to 1GB per day its Mobile

This is exactly what I wanted to hear, thank you. Here in Malta, speeds as a rule are 50% less than as advertised. I’m therefore planning on taking out a 40mbps Internet package in Cyprus but expecting it to give me 20mbps in reality. I just didn’t know if this would be enough but now I will stop worrying.

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That’s the beauty of the forum. There is always someone offering to help. I am on vacation at the moment with very intermittent internet access so I understand your problem.

i’m using 22 mbps internet speed