What's your most creative gig idea? (No blatant self promotion, just success stories!)


When did you have that, Oh my god this will be perfect! Moment, whether it was with a gig extra, or the moment you thought of your now most successful gig? While we’re here, we could suggest ways to improve each others gigs. :slight_smile:

I had mine tonight. I realized I love to compliment things, (to the point of creeping out my friends) and I should make a review gig where I use my own words and go off on a website. Haha. I’ve had plenty of buyers request this, so hey it might work!


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thanks!

Ahh that’s awesome! :slight_smile: what does your family think of your internet infame? Jealous now that they have to share the billy holiday voice?


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: heheh no problem! I’m looking forward to your super secret new projects :wink: