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"What's Your Name? [Title Truncated by Admin]

[Original Title: “What’s Your Name? Who’s Your Daddy?”]

Well, forget who your daddy is, but do you use your name when dealing with sellers?
If you do, you might just get better service - at least from me.

It’s not a conscious decision on my part, but after completing 500 orders on Fiverr I realized that most clients never use their name – but when they do give me a name, I naturally give them better service – it makes the order more human, and more important.


So what if someone says their name is Steve but really it’s David? Or even Shirley (not)?

Also, this is a terrible announcement. Trade your name for better service? lol. It doesn’t matter. If it does matter (as in you need it for your work), then mention it. Sometimes I do, but that’s where I use placeholders. Not as possible in your line of work, which makes me wonder if that’s your point, which makes me wonder about all this window dressing.

Now, if it’s so you can add a touch to your… (credible) spokesperson…services, then I could get it. But surely, in this contest, you should share your full name, just to highlight your own scruples with this regard? Your name will display your credentials of 15 years behind the camera, won’t it? So why are YOU being shy? (shilling aside)

So many holes in this post. So many damned holes. I’m not even going to touch the Ron Jeremy levels you reached with Who’s Your Daddy.

I usually find the tone in your reply (especially to the lazy/crazy posters) rough and harsh, but this time I’m with you. I mean really, what is the point of this? I don’t remember the name my clients sign at the end of their messages, unless they’re a regular and had been working with me for months or years.

When replying to message, if I have time and on my computer, I’ll go check in order to reply with "Hi John Doe,…"
If I’m in a hurry and on my phone, I’ll just “Hi”.

I’m actually surprised that Op manage to get many clients and manage to remember their names.

I on the other hand prefer clients to use my “name” in their first message, because that shows that they had done some research and chose me, not just sending mass message to every seller. Then after that they can just “hi, new job for you” and I couldn’t care less.

ps: my REAL name is not Mia.

Please, what is a name? A name is whatever you want people to call you, or whatever people want to call you, (whatever) provided you would answer to it. Lol. Like the french would ask, comment tu t’appelle? which will simply translate to what do you call yourself? At this point, if my answer is Nasio. Please stick to that. Call me Nasio and to you, I will be Nasio. Please, your expected to treat me as a Human because Nasio is a Human. You are not my daddy! Lol.

I get the idea. Some buyers might be too lazy to type their first name. But this post title!!

For example, “emmaki,” if you offered a first name people would be able to tell if you are male or a female, since your picture doesn’t answer that question…

I don’t get what’s so complicated about this? Seriously? Are you this dense?

Someone gives me a name - any name - it just makes for a better relationship.

What’s so hard to understand about that???

It’ a joke, folks - the title refers to a 1960s song:

If you give me a name - any name - it just makes for a more personal experience.

Bad title aside I agree with this up to a point, the point being that, name or not, my customers get the same amazing service. :slight_smile:

What I agree with is that having a name seems to make for a more personable, friendly relationship. And when buyers suddenly start signing off their messages with their name half way through an order or with repeat orders. I take that to mean that they trust me. It’s a good feeling and it probably does make me want to go that extra mile for them.

i keep a list of names and their Fiverr IDs that I’ve worked with or interacted with so that even if they come back to me in the future and don’t sign their name for some reason, I can use their name when I reply to them. I get this is an overhead and probably not necessary but it’s important to me and I think buyers appreciate it.

I’m sorry about your eyesight problems.

How does disagreeing with you make someone dense?

I think I read somewhere that we are not supposed to use our real names on fiverr.

Are you really this slow?
What is so harrrrrd to understand that other people have different opinions ???

If this’s his attitude toward other people disagreeing with him, now I understand why he find the “daddy” joke funny. Wait, is that a “he”?

Not really worth rising to the bait here. People who say things like this are almost always men, and it’s fun to note that they would never say this to other men. Unless it was a tall, leggy cute blonde that turned out to be a guy with long hair when they turned around.

Essentially, one could postulate that this displays insecurity in their own masculinity and appearance, but far be it from me to cast aspersions