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What's your opinion on Buyer Requests in 2021?

Heya community!

After a long break from Fiverr, yesterday I came back to continue where I left. At the time I temporarily left the platform, I was a new seller and still am. As a new seller, I have no traffic on my Gigs and that’s why I found the Buyer Requests to be a good starting point for me. Now, when I am continuing to be a part of this platform, I still use Buyer Requests to try and get some clients.

While I was on the break, a lot of things changed on Fiverr. That’s why, as a first thread after a long time, I wanted to hear your opinion on Buyer Requests!

My personal opinion

Personally I like the concept of Buyer Requests, from a seller’s perspective. It gives a chance to new sellers to find a client and begin their journey. Of course, it’s pretty hard to find one knowing that on each request there are 10+ other sellers that also want to get that client for them :smile:.

The bad side of it, from my experience, is the risk of malware, which was pretty big at that time. I actually wrote about this issue in my old thread when I myself saw the malware from some buyer.

Love to hear your opinion on this!


It’s one of those “hard to master” things, and yet it’s better if you leave it ASAP.
I had nothing but good experiences and a bunch of sales thanks to the BR section because I knew how to navigate it, even in categories full of trash requests.
Now I don’t have to use them anymore. I can only see myself answering to a BR if I’m browsing for fun and it’s a good job, or if I’m in a period of drought and I’d like to see what sticks to the wall.

TL;DR – kinda bad but not as bad as they make them out to be. Without BRs, I wouldn’t be a level one seller. It would’ve took me more months to become one.


Why is that? :thinking:


(Applies to other categories too.)

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Hahaha, everybody that even once went to BR experienced these. Following the second attached post, thank’s for it, it’s really a great tip to share! Author of it is right:

I reject at least 2 or 3 jobs every day because I know in my heart they’re a poor fit, either price-wise, effort-wise, or expectation-wise. I just steer those clients back to the Fiverr marketplace and explain there’s a ton of talent that would suit their needs better than me, and they’re all ready to work.

Even though I check BR daily, I use it to find offer that fits for me but not to try to do every job on it.

Posting on the Buyer Requests page regularly turns into an ordeal for buyers and an absolute nightmare for buyers who also happen to be sellers, as they become inundated with unsolicited messages that will harm their response rate if not all promptly addressed.

For sellers, BR is a raging dumpster fire full of frauds, predators, and cheapskates who are more than willing to exploit new, desperate sellers, but there are the rare few gems of opportunity within all the stinking garbage.

I regularly browse BR, gawk at the ridiculous and outright revolting requests that are posted, and rarely send offers.


Quality has gone down over the last year. This matches overall buyer and seller malpractice too.

I too find the rare genuine person there but mostly it is Mad Max only nowhere near as much fun.



@benedictrm That does seem to be a good description of many contract interactions here…! :yum:



Indeed you look and try to run away fast enough to not get caught in the explosion.

Except I think most of the buyers are deluded enough to think that they are David Hasselhoff and they drive Kit.



Well said. And then, when you find a rare gem of opportunity, it can actually be a pretty nice experience. For now, I found only one client from the BR and it was a pretty nice experience, I even got a review.


My pesonal opinion in some words: useless, stupid, delusional, selfish buyers, stupid again…
Oh well, here is the buyer request in one photo.

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“As my success on YouTube increases, the success of my editor will increase”, “My success is you success” :laughing:

I often share this screenshot because it’s really the final boss of buyer requests, I have censored his channel but when I checked, I saw it was just a random normal guy as everyone with no audience at all and who will get 0 success whatever he does, lol.

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Zed: My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts.
Spock: Intriguing. it is totally empty in here.


Zed: My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts.
Spock: Intriguing. It is totally empty in here.