What's Your Positive Feedback Ratio?


My Ratio is 61%

I completed 2300+ Order completed and Get 1450 Feedback!!!

What’s Your Positive Feedback Ratio?


Mine is 62%. And I saw that most people’s is around 60% by some weird coincidence.

Mine was 60%, but when I started politely asking my buyers to leave feedback IF they liked my work, it increased to 62% :slight_smile:


That’s great thing :slight_smile:

I figure out - If i do deliver buyer job early than delivery time then i get Positive feedback on 99% orders :slight_smile:


Mine is 96%. Well while delivering your order, if you write something like " your feedback will be highly appreciated" or something like that, they do leave a review then. :wink:


You won’t have that guarantee. My gig’s delivery time is 3 days, and I almost always deliver in 1 or max 2 days. Yet I’m still at 62% positive feedback.

True, some will appreciate your quick delivery, but there won’t be many of them. They will take your quick delivery as granted, and still won’t leave any feedback - it’s a fact in my case, and I think it’s because the moment a buyer sees the delivery, they get eager about downloading/using the delivery and completely forget about you or about feedback.


Mine is 98% and 98% client response rate.


Friend - I think - you misunderstood fiverr system - I have Few Previous order Open -Because of Buyer delay response - So that My gig Delivery time is showing 3 days :slight_smile:


Wow, you amaze me! :smiley: Well, I tried everything, including what you do, and still many of my buyers don’t leave feedback until I ask them via Fiverr’s Inbox again. Maybe it’s a niche-sensitive statistic? In my niche, I know a lot who are stuck at 60%…


I know the Fiverr system, been here for over seven years. I set my gig to 3 days to cover for those situations where the buyer is unresponsive and I need their input or response. Maybe I didn’t understand what you tried to say? :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome :slight_smile:


I don’t know…I think over 3300 orders and over 2430 reviews, 5 negative reviews…don’t worry too much about such things.


You got Great Response - 74% almost Feedback Ratio!! :wink: