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Whats your Rating Ratio? And How to improve it?


Hi Buudy, Hope you are going well😋
Mine is 72% which is pretty Good. I think :thinking:
And what yours?
Many time when we deliver our order. And after receiving their delivery, some buyers are not putting their feedback. So whats your experience to asking for feedback and how much you are getting success.
Suggest your idea here.


My rated orders are also 72% :frowning:
I think it’s not good… good ratio is 80%+
I think, some of the reasons for which buyer don’t leave review are:
Buyers don’t have time for it.
They don’t want to show their identity. As leaving a review will make their profile visible on your profile.
They don’t know how important it is for you.
They don’t know how to leave a review.
They simply don’t want to do it.

and I think we should leave it up to buyers about leaving feedback or not. what do you think?


Don’t expect everybody to leave feedback - do you review every item you buy, online or offline?

I know I don’t! :smile:


As you sow so shall you reap… If we don’t leave feedback, we don’t deserve for it :stuck_out_tongue:
but I always leave feedback for the online service I buy especially on Fiverr because I know how important it is for someone to flourish his business :slight_smile:


I always leave it for Fiverr folks, but not always for ebay, Amazon, or a tin of beans at the supermarket. :smile:


Good Mate!
Keep it up


I think the platform should be a bit different. As far as closing out the order anyway. Buyers should have to close the order before they can receive the product. For instance, a seller delivers the said gig, and the buyer can then review the order for errors and request revisions if needed. However, they should have to close out the order before being able to actually download the finished product. Leaving a review can still be optional, but making the seller wait for the order to auto complete is nonsense. This also ties in with the astronomically long wait time for the funds to clear, but I definitely understand fiverrs reasoning for this. Just my two cents.


Thank you @guestservice:slight_smile:


I think 98% make sure you do the job well. over deliver and be on time with your deliveries. And also, good communication :slight_smile:


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