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What's your reaction when the buyer told you about negative feedback if you can't complete the task that you have taken?

Me: I’m always cool because If I take the project then I’ve to complete this. I love challenges.


Trying to get orders.

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Good Luck…

I haven’t take any kind of task that I can’t complete! I am here to provide good service to my client.

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Little confusion. I think You haven’t understood what I’m trying to say. The buyer will say something like this when other freelancers waste his time without finish his job.

that is very painful a seller! A asked me to do something and give me a video link to follow the project. After I delivered the project buyer want to cancel this without any reason. I told that it you want any change I am here to serve you all time. THEN HE LEFT NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.

You have to contact customer support and explain everything. If there is no fault then Fiverr cs will take action on that buyer. Keep in mind, Before starting your work record it. It’s 100% better than a screenshot.

I don’t think I would be willing to work with someone that starts threatening with negative feedback if this person don’t get what expected from the beginning. Of course, you are going to do the best you can to deliver a high-quality product, but that’s an unnecessary preassure and it’s kind of a red light for me.


Yes. I agree with you