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What's your selling strategy after the algorithm change?

Probably more than 90% of my clients came to Fiverr looking for a medical writer and they found me. They didn’t come here looking for me. After the changes, the number of orders dropped dramatically. In the last month or so, I have been working almost exclusively for returning customers. The good thing is- I’m not the only one here having this issue :).

My question is- What is your new selling strategy?

Sit and wait for the old days to return, hoping that your gigs will magically show up on the first page again? Wait for Fiverr to apologize for all the inconveniences we are having now? Marketing yourself through Social Media? Migrate to other platforms?

Personally, Social Media marketing seems like a way to go.

I look forward to reading your answers! Thanks!


Mine: Keep using buyer requests. Create new gigs. Try the Available Now.
I think the extra charges + the new search filter is probably what is reducing sales though.

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nice post dear friend . many many thanks

I have same story like yours…
It is been a month we are not getting any order for new customer only i have few regular customer that use my services regularly,
but some of them also disappear when they change there policy and also the services fee charge,
Some client directly contact me that fiverr charge me extra then before, then i said them you should ask for this for CS, and then client disappear,

There is are many post in this forum that are talking about this issue but still did not get any positive result,

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Same here. Since the day they increase service fee it almost got zero new buyers, social media marketing is what I’m doing but it’s not take affect yet. Hopefully fiverr will make changes to that but I think the chances are low.


Same issue is happening with me. But don’t know why !

Same here i am also not getting orders. but some are saying don’t sit in front of pc and waiting for the order do hard work to get orders then fiverr what to do for us we bring the buyers on fiver to make order and fiverr will take fees from both sides. Then in this situation we should make an own website and rank up on search engine and get orders from own website.

The service fee is murdering my ratings like nobodies business. Since everything is about order volume, I simply can’t counter the barrage of 4.7 reviews or 9 (3 of which shouldn’t be counted) cancellations I’ve had over the past 60-days. In this case, I don’t give a hoot about an order slow down.

My marketing strategy rests with people discovering for themselves how difficult to use Fiverr is, before I sweep them all up elsewhere. :slight_smile:

Others than click those 3 social media icons on our gig I don’t think other marketing strategy worth doing. At least I won’t pay FB ads and ask people come to fiverr and share my 20% to them, some more later when they want to leave tips but found out that they need to pay service fee too, which should sound so ridiculous to them already. I thinking hosting my own site but keep doing gig here, is that fiverr allowed?

Like I said in other post.

My honest opinion is that fiverr is trying to make sellers promote their selves more and more in social medias and etc. It’s a free advertising to fiverr itself.

I would like to not be dependable of the ranking/placement at fiverr, but I still am.

I keep contacting fiverr CS, but as always, they just send a bunch of auto messages (most of these messages not even related with my request) and then later just ignore this.

I realized that the results of searching a keyword, RELEVANCE filter is being very similar as BEST SELLING in categories ranking. That’s why I’m hoping this is just a bug.

I also read some where this is interesting

Back when Fiverr was getting started, they took promising gigs and actually promoted them through Google Adwords. They didn’t ask…they just did it. Mine was one of those gigs.

I would get floods of orders, and thought “Wow, this Fiverr site is really getting a lot of traction.” It took me a little while to realize that it wasn’t the site…it was the marketing.

After Fiverr stopped doing Adword promotions, it was entirely up to me to keep people interested in my Fiverr gigs. In time, I learned that there are four parts to selling more gigs on Fiverr:

Choose a gig people want to buy
Optimize your gig
Promote your gig yourself
Avoid silly mistakes

What’s wrong with returning customers? Returning customers are the holy grail of business. Every business WANTS them, so why view this as an “issue” or problem? Congrats for doing well, and building a loyal customer base!

It’s a secret. If I told everyone else exactly what I do, then my competitors would start doing the same thing I do, and I would lose my competitive advantage.

ONLY if the people you are connected to are your customers – the people that you can count on to purchase your services. If these are not the people you are connected to on social media, then it is an almost certain bet that your marketed efforts on those social media sites will fail.

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