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What's your strategy for asking buyers to leave you reviews?

Hello, everyone.

So I’m in a bit of a twist here and this has been because a repeat buyer has decided not to leave me reviews anymore.

She claims that since this is a repeat service, I don’t see how it makes sense to keep leaving you reviews, she said.

Now it appears that there’s nothing I can do to convince her anymore.

I have made the decision to cut her off, letting her know the reason why I’m doing so.

Going forward, I’d like to know what I can do to mitigate against such experience in the future.

Ps: she’s one of several repeat buyers who orders on a constant basis.

PSS: I also know it’s unhealthy to ask buyers to leave you reviews…

I’d appreciate your suggestions.

Many thanks.



if a buyer do not leve a review it is taken as bad review, try telling her that


This would be a lie.

This would break ToS.

Sorry, awful advice.


Personally, I have some buyers who’ve stopped leaving reviews. I really dislike it. I dislike having less money even more.

I would just continue to work with the buyer and get paid. It does no harm even though reviews are important. Eventually other buyers will see that you been delivering, are active, and those buyers might order and leave reviews.


Every time an Order is completed, it takes some time for the buyer writes a review, if you open the order page at that moment. it will show you a thumb down. which clearly state that it is taken as a negative feedback.

when there was a Available now option, people were complaining that they are not being able to turn it on for the reason (high Completion and satisfaction as red) but in analysis or app they were all green, it was because of that.

I will post a screen shot of that next time I have a completed order.


Just send them a text how leaving a review is important to you.
If they don’t, don’t force them. Just let them be.

Continue to deliver professional service, they will likely see the need to drop a review about your work.


I rather have a repeat buyer that generates income for me over a review any day.


From my experience, that’s not actually accurate.

Thanks anyways

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Thanks a lot @fonthaunt. Usually, I attach the need to review my services to every client I’ve ever delivered job to, stating how it helps my business here in fiverr.

And for some clients, I don’t push it. They just love the results they get and review instantly.

I ignore this for the most part but the fact that she outrightly said it doesn’t make sense to her is what’s getting me even angrier.

Thanks for your thoughts shared.

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@priyasumit786 I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

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I have done that already @freshy01

She just seems bent on not doing otherwise.

I know that if I force her to do rate my service, she might not be happy and go ahead to rate me average. So I don’t want to go down that lane.

I’ve also got a work policy too. So what that means is I have a target each month and letting her go wouldn’t affect hitting my target at all.

Thanks for your advice


Not one who orders you around like she owns you.

Mate, I follow up on all my repeat buyers and keep in touch with them regularly.

But this one kinda annoys me so deeply.

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Don’t interfere with the review/feedback system in any form, that is, forget about it and don’t push your buyers to leave reviews or you can face unpleasant consecuences, like lower ratings or breaking TOS. Don’t do anything. That’s the best thing you can do.


Review or not - once the order is marked complete by either the seller or fiverr, I believe – it has a positive impact on your order completion ratio.

I think it’s an unwise idea – and a very poor business ethic – to “cut her off” … you lose money and order completion stats.


This is your choice, but “cutting someone off” because not leaving review is just wrong

On average there are around 70% of buyers leaving reviews. Some buyers don’t want to bother with leaving reviews as they are ordering all the time.

Be happy to have regular buyers no matter if they leave review or not


I am quite surprised you would feel so angry about your client chosing to do something optional and even more surprised you are not wanting to work with your buyer because of it! A review isn’t your right - you getting paid for your work is your right. A review is just a bonus - the icing on the cake, but not something to be expected. Yes reviews are helpful, but if they are a good regular buyer - I would be glad they keep buying and let them do what they want to in regards to reviews!

Personally - I don’t ever ask for my buyers to leave reviews and appreciate them when they take the time to do so. I have around 60% or so of my buyers leave reviews (which is exactly the same as it was when I did ask buyers to leave reviews in the past).


Hi @dybe_jobs, thanks for sharing your experience. As others have already mentioned, I think it’s best not to push a client for a review. They aren’t obligated to leave a review, and in the end, it’s much better to get paid than to get repeat reviews. That being said, have you tried finding a compromise with her? Let’s say you deliver four orders for her month–could you ask her to leave you a review once a month? That way, you can still build your review track record, and she doesn’t feel pressured to leave a review every time. I’ve found that open, honest communication with my buyers is always the best solution.

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Thank you @juanwriter for your thoughts.

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I know I’d lose money, yes. I have settled that in my mind already.

However, thanks for your thoughts.

@arty182925 thank you very much.

Yes on an average, I get 70% of my buyers leave me reviews.

I guess I got the whole review thing all wrong then, especially have to push too much for it and then choosing to cut one client off…