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What's your strategy for asking buyers to leave you reviews?

Wow. Cutting off a repeat client because of reviews?
If I was that client I wouldn’t want to work with you. Sorry, but it annoys the hell out of me when sellers ask for reviews. Fiverr does that already and multiple times.

If the seller deserves a review I will write it. If they push for it then I won’t.


Thank you so much @cosmic_copy26 for your well thought words.

I’m constantly studying everything in my account based on past experiences, from the way clients respond to me when I use the buyer request feature, to the analytics of my gigs (countries I get the most orders from etc), to How my gigs are ranking in search results. I can go on.

After noticing that a buyer was happy with my services, he forgot to review his experience with me…and when I reminded him (very carefully though), he told me he forgot due to his busy schedule. I’ve had this same experience with a few others as well. That’s the reason I started reminding them…

Thank you again for the advice on talking with her to leave a review once a month. I think this is the only thing I’d do and if she doesn’t agree to that, I’d just forget about it completely.

Thank you again @cosmic_copy26

I’d consider your statement as been generalized.

In the context of this article I wrote, about the only thing I do is this;

" Goodness Gracious!

Your Job is ready for pickup.

We did send it to google drive since it’d be very convenient for both of us.

You can find it here;

We would love that upon seeing your captioned video, you go through it to verify if we’ve done correctly what you wanted and make necessary corrections if need be.

Once you are done checking and there’s need for a round of revision, quickly send us a message letting us know about it and we would be with you before you know it to get your video fixed.

If you think we did a great job and kept to our end of the deal, do review and rate our service accordingly. Doing so would prove to our next potential customer that we are serious with business and we keep to our words.

That’d be all for now.

Talk to you soon.

Warm regards from all of us at Dybejobs. "

That’s the message I use in my delivery…
(perhaps I need to work on the last paragraph…)

So I don’t literally ‘Push it’ like you’d think.

You refuse to work with a repeat client who doesn’t leave reviews.
That’s not pushing?

That’s what your words suggested…

What do you think how many buyers would want to work with you if they saw this post where you’re basically saying unless they leave a review you’ll cut them off?

Look, you can do whatever you want, but others reading this should think twice before they start cutting off repeat customers.

Many thanks to you all for your advice and shared experiences…

I’m indeed grateful for taking out time to share…

I’m already having a change of plans and as @cosmic_copy26 suggested amongst many of you, I’d only do that and if that doesn’t work out, I’d forget about reminding her…

After all, " a repeat client is way much better of than one who buys occasionally and leaves a review."

I find reading your words as been too harsh…

You have not in anyway responded positively to the question that brought me here in the first place.

For anyone reading this, buyer or seller regardless,

  1. This is the first time I’m having a client say this to me. So it worries me.

  2. I came to the forum to see if anyone has faced such before and sure, some have…

  3. Yes I did say I had in mind to cut her off…but I’ve since made the choice not to.

  4. I leave too many things on the table for every buyer that comes my way and I’m more interested in getting amazing results for them than they’re paying for.

So in light of this, I feel the ONLY way they can appreciate the work that I do is to leave wonderful review (buyers can also give tips, and send you referrals, I know that already).

When any of what I mentioned in no. 4 isn’t forth coming, I feel concerned that something is wrong.

…IMO though.

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Maybe my response was a bit harsh, but if you’d be buying services on weekly basis then you’d understand how frustrating it is to find good sellers. Losing someone over a review is just ridiculous and you might even get into trouble with CS if the buyer filed a complaint that you cut them off over a review.

I’m a seller and a buyer on this platform, so let me explain it from both sides.

As a seller I’ve never asked for a review and my feedback rate is around 80%. It’s not very high, but considering that over half of my buyers are repeat customers, I think it’s pretty good.

To answer your question, I don’t have a strategy for getting reviews. I’m not saying you can’t improve your feedback rate, but cutting repeat clients off over a review is shortsighted. What would you gain from this?

Besides the money you earn, every time you deliver an order you get a ranking boost. Why would you throw that away for a review? Even if you’re doing great now, repeat customers will be the ones who will keep you busy when Fiverr decides to mess with the search algorithm. If you get demoted for whatever reason and you’ll lose your placement in search, who do you think will find your gig?

As a seller I would say, if you have a repeat customer and you enjoy working with them, then YOU should do everything you can to keep them.

As a buyer I didn’t like your statement about cutting someone off over a review.
I order pretty much on weekly basis and for the most part I use the same sellers. It’s really time consuming and frustrating to find a good seller nowadays.

I do my best to leave reviews, but if I’ve ordered 20+ times from the same seller, I don’t find it necessary to leave a review every single time. Yes, I know how important it is, but believe it or not leaving a review is not my priority #1. I ordered a service, I paid the seller (maybe even left a tip) and that’s about it.

When you go to the supermarket, do you write a review every time you buy something? You might say thank you, but I bet there have been days when you haven’t done that because you’re in a hurry or you’re distracted by something else.
If there was a simple Thanks button then I bet more buyers would use it.

Besides, quite often I don’t leave a review because it wasn’t 5star experience. Every once in a while we all have off days due to sickness, personal issues etc., so I don’t find it necessary to ruin their rating.


You’re most welcome.:thinking:

You’d lose both money AND order completion stats - both of which affect your analytics negatively.

If you’re doing so great - you can afford to lose stats that may affect whether you’re demoted or not - more power to you.

I’m pretty positive that if fiver reviewed your dialogue and found that you refused to work for a client ( a regular one especially) - because she didn’t leave a review - they would not think that was professional OR good for their platform.

You lose money - they lose money.

Some of my favorite long term regulars (7 year clients) - don’t leave reviews for privacy reasons - and I can respect that.

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Oh I see. I’d never thought about this before.

Thank you. I have since resolved not taking my initial action of letting her go.

I found value in everything everyone has contributed.

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Thank you for taking out the time to write this. Indeed, this is way better than your initial response.

I have since decided not to take action like I had in mind.

I saw this coming. Your analogy is way out of place - online Vs offline experience, but I get it.

Thanks anyways.

I personally yet never asked a buyer to leave a review.
But you could tell your buyer that you would appreciate each buyer to leave a review as every review is important, it makes big influence on how other buyers look at your account and on amount of work you get.

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Good thinking! (IMO) :sunglasses:

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@avrora Thanks. That’s exactly what I do each time I deliver a job (I just did less than 5 minutes ago)