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"What's your style" new feature

Can someone explain what is the “what’s your style” new feature ?
I have just received this poll but I have never seen this new feature (or haven’t noticed it).



i don’t get it. this poll - can’t say!

Same here. Got the poll, never beta tested the feature.

I think it’s a new feature for the order requirements page where you give your buyer a selection of possible styles so they can choose and make sure you are on the same page.

(My assumption is based on partial info from a Fiverr staffer months ago)


Quite funny :wink:
Perhaps they launched the poll before the new feature :joy:


I get this every time I open the main page even though I already checked the other with the mention that i have no idea what feature that is because I never seen it or even heard of it.

Me too.
In my category it’s in different art style, I guessed that the stuff they referring to?
btw, they should’ve done better, they always can but they decided not.
They always too rush to launch new “BETA” things and causing chaos, hope they learn from their mistake.

It will allow your buyer to choose the style he/she likes from your portfolio.
Then as a seller you can understand the the buyer’s thoughts.

I think it is only for the Graphics & Design category yet.

Hi everyone. This is a test feature and only about 20% of sellers have the possibility to use it at this time. Of that 20 %, we sent a survey to a few of them to get direct feedback. Apologies for the confusion if you got the survey and not the test feature. Looking into why that happened now.


I got it twice and I have no idea what that thingy is :joy:

Same here

i have no clue what is this feature

Careful, Matt!

There’s a gremlin on the loose at Fiverr HQ

Btw~ I didn’t get this survey, it’ always the cool kids. :stuck_out_tongue:

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