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What's your sucess rate with buyer requests?


There is a lot of great information on the forum about using buyer requests. I am curious to know what your success rate or conversion rate would be.

On a good day, I may get 3 responses from 10 sent requests. Normally I average 1 response out of 10. I do my best to utilize all the tips I’ve learned on this forum to create the best response I can. Personalize, address the specific request, quote realistic prices based on their budget, etc.

Again, curious to see the experience that others have had. Thanks!


It varies, when I first started, I had not found the Forum with all of the advice I found in posts here. Once I began to use the information I learned here the responses improved. Your question prompted me to look back, and I found that overall I have received the same rate, 1 out of 10 like you. However, in the last two months, it has been more like 2 out of 10. Also now I am getting repeat customers and buyers who find me all on their own. :blush:


@vickiespencer I have seen the same pattern for new sellers. Try to market yourself, send quality buyer requests, and that hopefully leads to repeat customers. I’m sure you’re providing great quality as well!


I am kind of an old newbie. I have been on Fiverr since the middle of July. I do not market myself. Shh, do not tell my friend @jonbaas. :zipper_mouth_face:

However I do:

I am retired and I do not depend on Fiverr for all of my income, so I am happy not to have a ton of orders and all of the issues that are stressing :flushed: other sellers. Plus I am happy to have the comradery I have here. :smiley: