What's your thing?


I didn’t know what else to call the thing I’m about to talk about.

Basically, after I complete a project for Fiverr, no matter how big or small, I do this thing… Right after I type the last word, and even while I save the article or blog, I do the thing.

I’m sure other people have a thing that they do, too, after completing work. It’s an expression of your joy, happiness, relief, etc. of doing another job well done.

My thing is, after typing the last letter of the last word of the document along with the proper punctuation, I immediately throw my hands up into peace signs, like I have an audience or paparazzi in front of me, and I ask myself cooly (or to my boyfriend if he is in the room with me), “Dang… Why am I so bomb?”

I’m completely serious when I say this, guys.

Maybe I’m just a weirdo (& I’m completely okay with that), but I’m positive that there are others out there who have a thing they do upon completion of writing an article/blog.

So tell me, what’s your thing?


My “thing” is: right after I finish a job I start the next one to go on working… :neutral_face:


After each delivered order I take a big shot of booze :cocktail: then eat a :hotdog:


Well, I’m always a big fan of finishing all my orders and not letting any in my queue (what do you guys think, wrong decision? do potential buyers get scared of empty queues or large queues?), so my “thing” is panic, panic when seeing no more orders in my todo list after finishing them all.


@Woofy31 @misscrystal @wuerz123 Damn, y’all are funny. This is why I love Fiverr xD


… I’m not 100% with this.
Prices my friend… prices…:wink:


But on the bright side at least you have more than one in your queue! Haha :wink:


My “thing” is to needlessly worry. Not that it happens very often. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Probably both. :slight_smile:


I have to agree with everyone else here about worrying. I figured maybe that was because I am relatively new.

Mostly I just stress about when my next order will come in, how my gigs are structured/ appear to buyers and whether I should spend time making another gig… esp since only one of my gigs has gained any traction.

:sweat: :sweat_smile:


I mean I’m new too but… Damn… @voiceoverholly you just made me realize that maybe I don’t worry like everyone else because my gigs aren’t as poppin’… :expressionless: :sweat_smile:

Oh well I’m still really happy when I do get my few gigs finished :grin:


Wattpad! :slight_smile: My other obsession after fiverr. Every time I finish a big order I binge a couple of wattpad book chapters. I just applied to be an ambassador on that site. I’m way too obsessed with it :slight_smile:


I think I should have a thing when I complete an order. I know I get really happy and excited when I get an order.


I always leave orders in my queue (I deliver when an order gets to within 24 hours of the deadline, in most cases). I personally find it increases sales.

But, I don’t do anything special when I finish an order. I either start the next one or go get lunch :smile:


You probably do have a small thing and just haven’t noticed! :stuck_out_tongue:


After completing each order, I eagerly wait for feedback.


I… switch to a different tab?
And, as my work involves listening to Music To Sell Stuff With, I put on a nice track.


Eat, Sleep, Deliver, Repeat
Eat, Sleep, Deliver, Repeat
Eat, Sleep, Deliver, Repeat


Loudly exhale))

Like I never did it before.
And then I make my cup of tea and start refreshing fiverr like a maniac hoping a buyer writes me))


If I receive an order, I cannot stop until delivering that and then my thing is listening music and reading forum. Also, yes, I finish the job with “yeaa! It worked” :stuck_out_tongue: